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advice needed

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  • advice needed

    i have got really bad back problems and looking at a different avenue instead of carp fishing due to the amount of weight and night fishing issues that dont suit my back problem

    how do you think i would get on using a pole if i went down that route and try and pick up a pole ect or aorund 900gramss on the second hand market ,does it put alot of presure on the back ect

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    Hi Ian,
    A pole could be a good solution to your problem, Thing is if you still intend to fish for small carp, you could find yourself battling a decent one for several minutes, In a bag up session I can't say i have noticed any back strain, even sessions of 6 hours or more, I would advise trying a short pole in the margins, more importantly is to ensure your seat box has all the pole rest's and bars to help, also you can now buy seat boxes with a back rest which would probably be a big help for you, I hope you find a solution and keep fishing,



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      Hi Ian,

      I know exactly where your coming from mate, I have suffered from Sciatica now for the last 6 or so years and was only recently thinking of giving up match/pole fishing and starting up with the bivvy brigade as it looks as it may be lighter work for my back, but reading your post I may be wrong.

      From my personal experience I find that sitting on a box with up to 16 mt of pole is very stresssful and very painfull at times. Its not just the holding the pole and playing large carp that is the problem, you have to take into consideration all the turning and twisting what with positioning the pole on the roller etc.

      Although, a pole of shorter length say up to 9 mts is no problem.

      Also, it depends on what type of fishing,,,5 or 6 hours on a seat box fishing 16 to an island can be agony for me,but fishing a top 3 or 4 in the margins on short sessions is fine

      As back conditions vary from person to person this is just of my opinion but I wouldnt go and sell all your carp gear just yet mate

      Unless its going cheap and i`ll swap ya my pole for it

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