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silver fish match tactics

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  • silver fish match tactics

    hey guys, i hadn't been fishing for 4 months but went into a match on saturday and won with a low weight. fishing is really hard at the venue at the minute. There is a silver only match on saturday and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on bait or tactics. ive never really fished for silvers so dont really know where to start as there are some excellent silver fishermen entering.
    The fisherie is stocked with pretty much everything but i think the target will be ide as they are around 2lb in weight so a good size. Ive never caught a ide nor have i ever set out too.

    My concern is everyone else will all be fishing similar tactics so didnt know wether to approach it a bit differenty. as far as i know everyones goin chopped worm and casters route. any ideas guys????

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    Feed small amounts of bait fairly frequently, in easy feeding range, use a light on the drop rig with single maggot and caster, soft elastic and I don't think you will go far wrong!!


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      Yes, worm, caster and maggot are best for Ide and they love to feed up in the water. Are you fishing into open water or is it a snake lake? If open water loosefeed casters at 13 or 14M and fish up in the water at varying depths with a worm head on the hook. If fishing to far bank or island start off with a few worms and casters in a kinder pot right across and loosefeed casters over it or slightly short to fish up in the water. Sometimes in winter, if fishing to an island beyond pole range maggot feeder is best. Use a longish hooklength to catch on the drop and don't leave the feeder in long before recasting. Use fairly light gear like 0.12 or 0.14 line and a 16 hook for worm and caster and 0.12 to an 18 or 20 for maggot on the feeder.


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        I would probably feed one line short at 5 m with castors (like the rig mentioned above) and then a line at 11m fishing maggots using the same sort of rig but also have a shallow rig set up.

        The idea behind this is that you'll catch everything long and then hopefully some better stamp fish closer in on castor. Feed little and often by hand on the short line and little and often long with a catty.

        rig wise i would use 0.10 - 0.12 and number 8 elastic

        Hope this helps.


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          you can get all of your elastic and line at canalside
          licence dodger


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            Dont foget little nuggets of ground bait.
            I would put chopped worm and caster and some dead pinkie's in it. (only use the dead pinkies if you cant get the fish up in the water.)
            If there are any other silver fish eg skimmers & roach, i would keep a constant trickle of any of the above bait especially ground bait, nugget size going in at the shortest range possible, just down the ledge, to enable you to fish to hand, speed is the key issue.
            keep us posted let us know how you get on.
            all the best.
            Terry Swan
            Ealing Anglings Match Secretary


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              Originally posted by licence dodger View Post
              you can get all of your elastic and line at canalside
              What canal is it at the side of?!


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                hey guys, ive used a mixture of your ideas today on a practice session. i fished at 5m cus of the wind and fed chopped worm and then casters over the top. i fed a toss pot of castors every fish or bite and then topped up with chopped worm when it went quiet. i kept it on the deck an inch and a half overdepth as it was a nightmare fishing shallow this seemed to work well. i caught over 30lb of ide and had a couple of carp. Some of the proffesional anglers were there and told me to use groundbait chopped worm and casters to keep them on the deck for the match on saturday, what do u think? is there any particular groundbait that would work well?
                ive got through soo much bait today and groundbait would help bulk the feed out and cost less. i got through 2 and a half pints of casters and a medium tub of chopped worm


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                  I thought I would cut and paste a thread I wrote on my local scottish forum a while back. Maybe it will be of some help.

                  Chopped worm, where do you start!
                  I'll describe my approach for the island pond a few years ago when there were more ide. I dare say it would still work on any of the new ponds which are now home to many of the ide and orfe from the island and this approach still catches carp as well. Before I start their are plenty of guys out there who can fish it better than me and hopfully they will add more to this thread?

                  Half a kilo of dendrabena worms (big as possible) is more than enough for a 3 hour session and should be fine for a 5 hour match.
                  A few lob worm hookers are worth taking as hookers in case the fish want a really big bait but aren't so good for chopping as they have more juice and less mass than dendras
                  Casters, these are a must for bulking out worm 2 pints plus.
                  A tin of corn good for bulking out the mix.
                  Liquid additives, worth experimenting with as they do work, I've used most and none! 50/50 pred plus and liquid worm is a good place to start but consider others.

                  This is very important and worth thinking about don't just chop them up! If it's raining keep them dry as the rain will dilute the strength of your mix.
                  First I would place the majority of the worms in a 2 pint tub but only after cleaning. The best way to clean them of course is to pick each individual worm out the peat and put them in a seperate container on the day of the session, (I've done this)! This means you don't get the annoying lumps of wood and peat mixed in (there can be times when leaving the peat in the chop can work though, try it). If like most normal people you don't have time, place them on a riddle and wash them in the margins then (this is important) squeeze them to get ALL the water out, you dont want water diluting the chop especially if you are using liquid additives.
                  Now with your worms back in the 2 pint tub start chopping. I try to get a mix of small and big pieces so after chopping all the worms for 20-30 seconds and they are all chopped only once or twice I then start concentating on chopping only half of them into a mush. You should then be left with half the tub with big pieces of worm and the other half a mush. Stir it all up. Next I pour the worm juice on my casters rather than cover them with water. Finally I take a third box and mix some of the neat worm with caster and some corn, taking care not to add any wattery worm juice or water with the other baits. To this I add liquid additive and if you do it this way the mix should be quite thick and gluggy. This way it is easier to ship in a kinder pot due to the thickness of the mix and the additives aren't diluted so they are more dense and sink a bit quicker rather than being dragged out the swim by surface tow.

                  Very much personal choice. I would set up 2 different verions of the same rig on a snake/canal type water. The only difference is one would be under shotted so i could fish a big piece of worm off the bottom and the other would be dotted right down with the bait on the deck. For magiscroft I would fish 4x12 (drennan roach or drennan carp 2) with strung out styles and a back shot on the "on the deck rig". these days I fish 0.14 main line to 0.12 hook length, size 14 or 16 gamakatsu pellet. This is light compared to many people but if you match it to a balanced elastic, say white hydro through top 3 matched with a pull bung you should get everything out and not bump anything, remember choppy catches a lot of silvers as well.

                  FISHING AND RIGS
                  Now I can't really say how to fish as every session is different and what works one day will not the next, the best thing to do is try different things every time you fish and not to just sit down and do the same thing time and again. However I am describing how I used to fish the island pond and this approach should work on most well stocked mixed fisheries at this time of year.
                  My philosophy at this time of year is really to attack the peg, especially in a 3 hour match. In reality this means fishing 1 line at a time as a catty often doesn't work or spreads the bait to much (although I have picked up money using one when others haven't!).
                  At the all in get a full pot of the chop in at the bottom of the far slope, this gives you the option of going up the slope and tight to the reeds if this line fails OR go &&&& or bust from the start and feed right across from the start (I would have a 4x10 rig set up in the same way as the rigs decribed earlier if I was going to do this). It's important to try and get you feed in before anyone else with this attacking method to get any fish in the areas in your peg.
                  Ship out with a kinder pot of mix and lay you rig out then dump the kinder pot, it's worth experimenting what order to do this, sometimes it is better dumping then laying out! also try lowering it straight down.
                  Start an inch over depth with a big bit of worm and take it from there. Try different shotting paterns and depths to try and improve your catch rate also try caster, double caster, tripple caster, worm and caster, corn, double corn, worm and get the picture.
                  With worm you often have to move the bait. After catching a few fish you are going to have to work for the fish. Try dragging the bait very slowly 4 ft one way then the other. Lift it half an inch as if you were fishing blood worm and so on.
                  Start fishing caster at half depth on a smaller hook. Keep busy.

                  Nick the rounded end of a broken piece of worm and take the point out 1/4 of an inch down the body or further if they aren't having it. If you are bagging hook the same way but push it up above the shank so it is sitting on the line. This way it doesn't come off the hook and you can catch several fish on the same piece of worm, a real time saver.

                  With this method it pays to feed as often as possible. this means shipping back and re filling you kinder cup even if you haven't had a bite every minute or two. Often the people around you wont be doing this and your catch rate will increase as theirs tails off. If you are catching well switch to a bigger kinder style pot. If you get a lump on try to keep feeding caster with a catty whilst you play the fish so as not to loose the fish in you peg. Sounds poncey but it does work and isn't as hard as you would think. If you aren't catching after half an hour feeding a big pot over the top can sometimes bring the fish whilst those around you have given up and are starting to try other things. If the fish start to dry up starting a new line somewhere completly different can bring a second run of fish. If nothing else is working try hammering it with the catty and caster.

                  This method used to throw up 30lbs of silvers in three hours but doesn't work so well any more. If I was fishing chop on the Island now I would include pellet to bulk it out more and try to bring in the carp more. If you are doing this though don't add the pellet all at once as It will become a mush after an hour or so.
                  I feel that I have just scratched the surface with this but if one person picks up one thing from it then I guess it's worth it. Time to refill the glass...........


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                    Very interesting Fortjag a good deal of usefull info there I will try your plan of attack next time I fish a venue that responds to chop.


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                      James, the thing with those IDE is to really dot your float down as fine as you can - then gently tow the rig from side to side as they love a moving bait - this should increase your catch rate.
                      Simon Young
                      Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                      web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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                        On Alders lake at the Oaks, i fished for Ide up here a month or two back. I fished on the deck maggot, got through 4 pints in just over 4 hours. If the venue responds to maggot then i'd go down this route, but take a gallon. I would big pot and then feed a double kinder after every fish. You'll catch bits all day long but keep the feed going in and use maybe a size 14 or 16 hook with at least 3-4 maggots on the hook and you'll single out the better fish. Its just if you can justify the cost of a gallon of maggots. I ended up coming 4th on my match with 35lb, if i'd have taken a gallon i'd have put a much bigger weight on the scales!
                        Starbeck Angling Club



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                          use super cup ground bait for ide and rudd


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                            Originally posted by billynobites View Post
                            Very interesting Fortjag a good deal of usefull info there I will try your plan of attack next time I fish a venue that responds to chop.
                            If you need a groundbait approach, either use green swim stim, or super G.
                            These are the 2 mixes i would use, and depending on your fish catch rate, i would usually throw a golf ball size of groundbait in ever 2 - 3 fish and every half hour go over with a bigger ball with chopped worm & caster.
                            Hope this helps.

                            Terry Swan
                            Ealing Anglings Match Secretary


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                              couldnt say about Ide, but for roach and skimmers, I feed groundbait, 2 different mixes though,

                              the first mix is VDE, secret and expo, laced with dead red maggot and hemp, mixed sticky to hit the bottom

                              the second mix is as above but with brown crumb added and a dryish mix to cloud the feed for on the drop fishing, iffin the waters clear add a bit of molehill or VDE noire

                              I loose feed hemp or maggot over the top, not a lot, just enough to keep em interested,

                              a niblet a corn fished on the hook seems to sort out the bigger fish, but far slower than single maggot,

                              the closer you can get em in the better, fish the whip to hand