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Commercial Carp Tactics

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  • Commercial Carp Tactics


    I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on how to tacticly fish a commercial carp fishery.

    I have had some success on the method feeder on the far bank if i have one to fish to, but how do i fish with the pole? Up in the water on the bottom? to be honest i have never fished up in the water i always fish just on the bottom, dont know why really!

    I need to know when to come up, when to stay on the bottom, feeding patterns, when to switch baits, when to stay on pellet (my main bait), What should i do if i am getting lots of line bites, and fizzing in the water? i also find it very hard to hold the pole at length and feed at the same time.

    I know its a lot to ask but any info greatly appreciated.


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    Hi mate

    If you want to learn to fish up in the water on the pole, you have to get the feeding pattern right first, a good starting point is 10 (2mm-4mm) Pellet every minute depending on your catch rate.
    Start on the bottom and after half hour and long as you have been feeding like the statement above, start comming up off the bottom 1ft every 10 minutes until you find the fish, but the key to success is keep feeding.
    Also when you are playing a fish if you can try to feed still.
    This won't happen overnight the more you practice the better you will become.
    What i would do is feed pellet and use a bigger pellet on a band eg 6-8mm.
    Also learn to control your pole with you elbow by taking all the weight with it so it free s up your other hand to enable you to feed.
    Good Luck hope this helps keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    All The best

    Terry Swan
    Ealing Anglings Match Secretary


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      Hiya pal...Best advice I could give, is to go & watch someone, on a local Open, where the fish respond to 'off bottom' tactics...

      But please, stand well back, or if possible 'squat down' off the skyline & don't bother them whilst they're fishing...Afterwards, you can approach & ask about Rigs/Feeding etc...

      You'll pick it up, much faster this way...But PLEASE!

      Respect the Anglers, whilst they're fishing...