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Team match payouts

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  • Team match payouts

    Nothing serious but just something that had me pondering after a match on Saturday.
    Was teams of 4 & payouts were made clear before the match; £150 winning team + 2nd & 3rd payouts. Also £130 individual best weight + 2nd & 3rd payouts.
    Wasn't until I was driving home though that I thought why such a big payout for an individual if it's a team match , hardly promotes the team spirit of working together & sharing info
    I'd have thought from the £280 (in this case) on offer, £250 for the winning team to share & maybe a £30 bonus for the individual, or bottle of whiskey etc would've been more appropriate.
    I wasn't in the money so it's not sour grapes , just wondered what other opinions were ?

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    We used to fish a league down here where all the payouts were to individuals even though it was a team league. The league ended up being dominated by one team (quite ironic given that the same team were one of the main instigators for the league, having fished in a different 'one team' series and got disillusioned!), so they would have won most of the money anyway. The 'lesser' teams wanted individual payouts as they felt one of them was always in with a chance of drawing a flyer. The better teams wanted team payouts to reward consistency and 'better' anglers. It was put to a vote quite regularly and always stayed as individual payouts.

    Personally, I think there should be decent section payouts, a sensible team payout and any individual payouts are run as an option. That's the way I ran the Teams of Four down here a couple of weeks ago. I feel that the pools should reward the best at what the match is being fished for, so team payouts in team matches.
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      There is a team league in the South West which has recently folded due to lack of interest. What caused the issue was the change of format to the payout structure, it was biased to the winning teams on the day. Consequently anglers who fished for lesser teams (made the team numbers up but fish it as an open) saw no chance to win any coin and would not take part. It was certainly not about greed, but simply about having the money shared about a bit and having more of a chance of getting your pools back.


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        Sorry bit off topic, but clucker are you the guy who writes the blog 'cluckers peg' Tim Ford is it?? if it is you then nice blog mate always a good read


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          Hi there,

          Yes I am that Clucker!

          Glad you like it, I've been taken aback by the amount of people who tell me they read it, and there are now quite a few matches where anglers have said "stick that in yer blog!".

          All good fun and it seems to give people yet another excuse to wind me up on match days!


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            haha nice one! i do like reading your flash back blogs of the 80's takes me back to when i used to fish the winter league as a kid,i used to fish for one of the lesser teams so problably fished against you back then, keep up the good work fella


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              Nice blog my friend I'll keep popping back for a look.
              Part time fisherman. Full time legend ;)


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                ian was this at hallcroft teams of four silvers only?


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                  No, it was Lindholme (CIU Federation match, I think). There was no argy bargy & payouts were displayed before the match so was all above board - it was just me wondering