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Licence Dodgers

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  • Licence Dodgers

    Was out at Dents at Hilgay yesterday and EA checked licences he got 9 without an not even owning em. So why should these numpties be able to carry on fishing when we're fishing leagally an they aint Surely they should tell owners an they be kicked off

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    Steve, I thought you could carry on fishing but had to produce the licence within a certain time. If you can't then they take you to court and fine you.

    Its similar to proof of car insurance and licence. You could have some one who has bought a licence but left it at home(unlikly i know but possible) you can't stop them from fishing has they are legal.
    Steve Davies


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      When the baliff came round to me I asked the question I saw him on his mobile and he was checking numbers an records several said they had one and it appeared they were tellin porkies an couple admitted that they didn't have one at all one had't had one for 2/3 yrs


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        Then the EA baillif should have stopped them from fishing.
        Steve Davies


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          they wont tell owners or match organizers if it was match......i personal would not pay out a guy with out a licence if he won anything
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            If a angler turns up at the matches i run without a valid licence, he doesn't fish the match, i always make sure they produce one at the draw bag, no licence, no fishing, as simple as that.


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              I fish in a club where you have to produce your licence first meeting after the 1st April no licence no fish


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                Lucky with me being just underage i get mine for 5 pound so i have no reason not to have one because its not as if they are unaffordable, I was fishing partrige fisheries about 2 weeks ago and the EA bailiff passed checked my license and moved on, There were 3 anglers fishing the method feeder, They reeled in and moved to a different part of the lake,

                The EA bailiff carried on and missed them out. It was obvious they were without a license. There needs to be some sort of system carried out to ensure legal fishing.