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how do i get into matches?

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  • how do i get into matches?

    im wanting to start match fishing but not sure how to enter any maatches....

    any advice??

    thanks andy

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    phone up a fishery and ask if they have open matches, ask them what time the draw is and either ask if you need to 'book in' or just book in on the day


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      what area u from andy ?
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        First thing to do go to local tackle shop and ask about small clubs that fish near you see if you can join one and take it from there you will learn alot off other club anglers and it will build your confidence when going into opens .Also the friendly banter you get from club fishing usualy means you will have a good crack even if fish dont bite. If your looking at just fishing open matches then think about what fishing you like methods species etc and look around for a suitable venue that holds matches and just phone and book on hope this helps good luck.


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          as steve has said if you aint matched before then deffo go for the club scene the opens are mainly dominated by very good fishermen you will learn a lot.but the fun is in the club side of this where not much cash changes hands.lot easier to pick up on methods ect in the club scene m8.ring your local tackle shop or the tackle shop close to where you want to fish and they will have all the info you will need including the weights and methods that are winning at that time.
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            Why do you want to start match fishing?


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              Andy, just go into your local tackle shop and ask if there are any clubs that run regular matches and have a nice bunch of lads. The trouble is alot of club angling is just in the warmer months ie March till October so they might be finishing up their matches now. The other advice would be to find a venue you like and sck to it - most commercials will run matches every week and yes there are probably regulars that fish them all the time but you will learn alot if you watch others and listen + ask the right questions. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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