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dacron connectors.

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  • dacron connectors.

    i have always used a stonfo type connector for attaching my last two matches though,the little plastic cover has come undone,resulting in me losing fish,and the rig.i have bought some dacron connectors,but i have no idea how you connect these to your elastic,nor do i know how to attach the rig to them.people have tried to tell me over the phone,but im still flummoxed.if anyone has some pitures they can send me or e mail me,i would be very happy.
    yours hopefully,hop a long creepy
    talk anglings villiage idiot:p

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    It's a doddle Creepy...Simply thread the Elastic through the loop in the Dacron & slide the 'Sleeve' over the join to 'tidy' it up (After tying a knot to join-'em)

    The other end of the Dacron sports a 'knot', that acts as a 'stop' (Where your line sits)...Attach by the 'Double-Loop' method...

    ie: You form a loop in your Rig-Line (With a small loop at the end of it)...Slide your line through said loop & thread Dacron Connector through it...Pull tight (After sliding it down to the knot in the Dacron)...To release, pull on small-loop (Which then, free's it all)...
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      still none the wiser.
      talk anglings villiage idiot:p


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        Try this thread for a step by step photographic view of how to connect your rig


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          Hiya creepy I resolved the same problem by typing in dacron connector on google.
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            Wot,wot ,wot!!!!
            my brain hurts lol


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              dacron email.jpg

              Hope this helps.