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crucian carp

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  • crucian carp

    hi everyone, i am after some advice on fishing for crucian carp. I fish a water which has alot of them however i seem to catch more of the other species in the lake. I put this down to mist bites. has anyone got some advice on maybe floats and shotting patterns for float fishing with a rod for these crucians. apparently you dont have to cast far for them on this lake.

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    fish at dead depth and use the liteist float you can get away with these fish are very shy biters and fishing this way will help.


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      Echo what John has said about fishing dead depth and get that float shotted right down to a mere dimple, strike at every movement of the float, especially slight sidewards movements, feeding is important if you feed to little to often they will come up in the water, my preference is casters or pellet if allowed, riddled luncheon meat is also another good feed especially in the warmer months, and you are right about not far out as they will often feed inches from the bank.


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        Spot on above,....

        Just one thing to add, ;I'd usually have a no 12 or 13 shot only about an inch from the hook to show the tiniest of lift bites.
        Strike at absolutely anything, even if you just think it moved...


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          as above mate, dead depth. if its hard, lay 3 inches on the deck with a dropper touchong bottom. baits, i use a peice of luncheon meat 5mm cube on a 16 just pushed into the meat. i think that uo in the water freaks theese shy feeders out a bit, although if you can really get them to have it, its good sport.
          i try hard, but sometimes.......


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            Sweetcorn, a killer for Creweys.


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              Jolly Greeen Giant, smallest tin. Pick out the smallest grains and fish at dead depth. As above, hit every indication.