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Pole tapping

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  • Pole tapping

    Can anyone tell me a more annoying way of fishing. I was at manor farm last Sunday, Tap Tap Tap, thats all i heard all day (Its bloody cheating. Learn to use a catapult). We should start a petition to get it banned

    The poll is expired.

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  • #2
    Why? it works


    • #3
      personally i would like to see it banned! BUT only because when i fish it all the lads at manor rip it out of me LOL (all just a bit of fun though)

      but honestly i dont mind people doing it! if i did mind i would go fish another venue,

      one thing i have found is once someone fishes a method thats very sucessfull people want it banned, and the only reason i can come up with is they cant be bothered to change there way of thinking and actually try something new!
      Matt Smith
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      • #4
        why? the moaning?

        i dont think birdie will ban any method! its getting to the point at manor farm were the moaning and groaning of people wanting to get this method banned is just getting boring! its starting to get to the point were its unconfortable to fish a method and someone always have a dig at you! and the end of the day its taking the enjoyment out of fishing........

        o n one last thing you better get practice on on the tap tap n slop! people beacuse that time of the year is creeping around!



        • #5
          Thankfully Manor Farm is one place that doesn't have lots of silly rules.
          Long may it continue

          By the way, how is pole tapping cheating?


          • #6
            No one moans about it at tunnel barn.


            • #7
              No one moans about it at tunnel barn.

              because they all do it


              • #8
                Like I said, it works


                • #9
                  Im trying it.Instead of it sounding like a few pellets going in,its sounding like a sack full going in.i will keep practicing.


                  • #10
                    Works on our pool as well, it is no where near as heavily stocked as manor or tunnel, I also found that if I continued to feed the skimmers started to dominate, tap the pole and it would be a carp. Dont cost a lot in bait either.



                    • #11
                      I'll give it a try at Rolfs on Saturday.


                      • #12
                        The idea is that it sounds like bait going in so they all charge to that area, but the only bait there is your hookbait, usually resulting in your laccy being ripped out


                        • #13
                          i am not going to comment.....
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                          • #14
                            I wouldn't if I was you either larry


                            • #15
                              i agree with a lot off the comments on this one,why is it that when a method works the ones who are stuck in there ways want it banned,tapping,splashing or whatever you call it isnt harmfull to the fish unless its proven by a fishery owner that the fish have gone deaf then i will do it where permited.i was at a fishery once where the baliff was a real nazi type as a wind up a fellow angler waited untill nazi was on his way round and as splashing was banned decided to freek nazi out,out off his bag he pulled a large kids waterjet gun the type that can kill a cat at 20paces...filled it up and hey presto jets off water were coming down all round his pole tip...the nazi was in such a state we thought he needed a paramedic...yes we got banned,but it was worth it