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How far will you travel for a match...?

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  • How far will you travel for a match...?

    Simple question really, as I've been called daft for doing a 100+mile round trip fortnightly for the league I'm currently fishing.

    Team or open matches included, please comment if you have a regular travelling partner etc.
    Up to 10 miles
    Up to 25 miles
    Up to 50 miles
    I don't care how far, I just need a match!

    The poll is expired.

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    I have done 140+ trips to cover TA intersite matches think Barford was nearer 160 thats one way of course, but generally like them to be not more than 40 miles, it starts to add a lot to your costs when the distances go up, and besides we have that many fisheries around Birmingham that travelling seems a bit foolish.


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      I probably do a 100 mile round trip every week from may to september. Even the 9 matches I book are 50 miles away. I must be just as daft as you.


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        Farthest Ive been for a match was down to willow park for the southern intersite, but regularly used to do in excess off 200 miles round trip for matches


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          I try to keep all the club matches I book within a 50 mile radius - but the odd one occasionally just slips outside this
          Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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            its 85 mile to rolfs for tomorrows match thats as far as ive gone but never say never
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              Light weights.

              Most weekends from this weekend till October will see at least 300 miles go on the clock just to fish matches.

              Today it's about 280 miles round trip to Rolfs, 6 hours on the road for 5 hours fishing and it'll rain all the time were on the bank.

              Do i care though, simple answer is NO as i fish where i want. which means travelling.
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                I have travelled to Doncaster and Wakefield for matches.

                But on a regular basis i suppose anywhere in a 100 mile radius of Milton Keynes.
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                  Lets have a detailed run down on the match at Rolfs Malc!! There'll be some of us on the 24th who've never fished it before!
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                    To get to the River Wye it's a 220 mile round trip for me. The matches are also expensive to fish due to the qty's of bait required, ie 3 pints caster, 4 pints of maggots and 6 kilos of groundbait, however I don't know anywhere else where you have a realistic chance of catching 40-60 lbs of roach and dace, with 60-80 lbs a distinct possibility. If the chub have a go and the river is right 100lbs + is possible.

                    On the negative side the river could be flooded and there is also a possibility that you could blank or struggle however you should get a good days fishing from more than half of the pegs on a reasonable river, (steady or dropping with less than 4ft in) but that's match fishing in winter.


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                      100 miles is nothing when you live in wales