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How many tied up rigs do you have in your box...?

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  • How many tied up rigs do you have in your box...?

    Following a chat with Brian the other day.

    How many rigs do you reckon you have tied up? And how many do you actually really use....?!
    0 - 20
    21 - 40
    41 - 60
    61 - 80
    81 - 100

    The poll is expired.

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  • #2
    61 - 80 for me. And I have to say there are only really 5 or 6 patterns I use regularly. Probably around a dozen - 18 rigs. But they look soooo pretty all lined up...
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    • #3
      Some of the guys in our club often refer to me as 'one rig Royst' , which is a bit harsh as there are 81 tied up rigs in my box. However only about a dozen see the light of day, and most of them are very similar, so I can where they're coming from.


      • #4
        i have 80..... 25 canal.......20 silver.......... and 35 carp i also do many the same as to allow for tangles. but have some work in progress on the desk
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        • #5
          I mainly fish comercials and so 4 patterns of floats cover everything. I have aprox 40 rigs made up.

          However, i have about 100-150 floats in my shed gathering dust just in case i need them. They would cover canal, river and silver fish waters. From 3 x 8 pinky rigs to an 18 gram float used in holland on the river maas. Will i ever use them again probably not but i could never get rid of them.
          Steve Davies


          • #6
            think i have 48 made up (but they do look pretty all the same colour) and about 200 in a tube which rarely gets open


            • #7
              Looks like I'm excluded from the vote.............

              Used to have in excess of 200 till I had my stuff nicked a few years ago.

              Now it's a more moderate 120+.

              I've restricted patterns to about about 8 types, they're all in Fox trays so I can swap trays in the box dependent on cuts/rivers and commercials venues

              Sad aint I
              Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


              • #8
                Your all very organised!

                Just opened my box and i have 9 rigs on winders. Had to tye 3 for last weekend so not many at all! I just tye them as and when i need them as it just wastes line
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                • #9
                  I've probably got over 120 tied up in my box,I seem to buy quite a few different makes.
                  But only use probably 4-5 patterns in various sizes.
                  They are Garbolino DC11's (used to use Tubertini Deltas but the Garbolinos are stronger).
                  Garbolino DC 6'S
                  Garbolino DC 4'S
                  Also some of the old Border floats bought from Jeff (moorzy).
                  As I only fish commercials these cover it all.


                  • #10
                    50+ and like most never use the majority - why?

                    Then there is the river collection, must carry 30 assorted stick floats and wagglers but only use the favourite 5 or so! I ask again why do you think we do it?


                    • #11
                      Redfin; I don't know either mate


                      • #12
                        25, And Some Have Been There For Ages


                        • #13
                          I only ever have my down the edge and up in the waters pre-tied. Always tie them on the day and scrap them at the end


                          • #14

                            and they are 5yrs old


                            • #15
                              i always end up with a lot less tied rigs at the end of a session than i do at the beginning! i bought a load of those sets from avanti and tied them all(40 or so). they wernt very good. now i have started buying better quality floats from preston innovations. used some of those new durafloat ones last week and they are great. also got some chiantis and they are also pretty good.
                              i try hard, but sometimes.......