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Here is a nice little tip for you - method feeder

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  • Here is a nice little tip for you - method feeder

    Maybe some of you have seen this method before but I have caught quite a few fish on it recently so perhaps give it a try and let us know how you get on.

    Alot of the commercials are only small, i.e. you dont want to be chucking in a big method feeder, however we know it is particularly deadly. So try this, get a small cage feeder, the wire ones, then glue a small stiff tube (like the tubes used in helicopter rigs) inside the cage against the weight using araldite, then squash the cage down so its now a flat square feeder - use this as a tiny method feeder as the crumb will stick nicely to the top.

    Let us know on here if you get any good results doing this.
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    At Holly Farm we used to use a bottle top with a 1p or washer glued in it and a hollow lolipop stick to run the line through as a method feeder, and they were perfect plus they only cost 1p to make so were right up my street being cheep.

    And i even got a lolly out of each one as a bonus.

    Perfect on the Pole at Makins as well.
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      Length of stiff rig tube slide half a coffin lead (remember those) down it hey presto the ultimate method feeder, no tangles , no chance of your hook being masked by the feeder. The more lead you want the bigger the coffin