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Method On Pole

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  • Method On Pole

    When fishing a method feeder on the pole, do you need to have a float on, I intend to try this out in the margins.

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    No you dont need a float just wait for the elastic to rip out and its fish on, if the fish are that finnicky that you are not getting good bites then you should be on a float set up with no feeder


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      I might have to give the method a go on the pole. Let me know how you get on mate.


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        A word of caution though if the hook pulls using this method it can result in a smashed pole section. I fished this in cyprus over 12 years ago using an old pole and push bike valve tubeing. It stopped the fish in there tracks but if the hook pulled you had to duck otherwise the feeder would hit you square between the eye's, it can be deadly.
        Steve Davies


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          Will do Gadz


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            Gadz, just to let you know, I did'nt get time during the match to try it out.

            P.S. Did'nt get anywhere either.