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Pole fishing in the wind.

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  • Pole fishing in the wind.


    I was just wondering does anyone have any tips on how to use the pole in the wind? I had a match yesterday in a strong breeze but just could not present the bait properly and as you can guess had a pretty frustrating day.

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    Practice. Practice. Practice.
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      Rive is right Practice is the answer but there are a few tips that could help you. Fish with a longer line than normal between float and pole tip. This acts as a buffer and stops you getting blown all over the place, however be careful as if the wind is very strong I have seen many a pole go bang by people pushing the pole into the wind trying to stop the float moving.

      Sinking the pole tip can also work on occasions but I find it sinks the bristle too much for my liking. Backshotting the float with a big shot can also work on its day.
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        Use a heavier float than you normally would, and bulk the shot down to stabilise the float.If your float is stable it should almost disappear as the waves break over it. If the float rides the waves then your hook and bait will be moving aswell.


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          Owning a garbo renaisance means i have to employ all the methods that are mentioned above to control my pole in high winds. However, a short cut to this is to buy a top pole has they are stiff strong and relatively light. Personally i can't justify paying £2000.00 plus so i have to practise the above methods and end up with arms like arnie shwarzerniger.
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            An awful lot depends on how you hold the pole as well, try sitting with your knees at a 45 degree angle to the water and jamming the butt of the pole between the top of your legs and the bottom of your belly (Helps if you have a big beer gut!).... otherwise it is a question of strength alot of the time.... the other solution which is normally much better is to just fish shorter than everyone who is struggling and at least you know your presentation is better than theirs and that counts for more than fishing long!
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              Thanks for your imput,a few things there to take into consideration which is much appreciated. Now ill probably never get a windy day again :-)

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