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Best way to prepare pellets

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  • Best way to prepare pellets

    Tryed different brands of pellets, and different ways of preperations for feed and hookers. but they always seen to go to soft/ mushy during the match, especially on venues where you have to use the fisheries own brands of pellets. Could anyone help me with picking the wright pellets and preparing them.

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    As you've indicated most commercials require you to use their pellets. Look at Rolphs website and there's an article on softening their feed pellets. Fiddly, but they know what they're doing!!
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      I fish a lot of venues that require you to use there pellets and the best way of preparing them IMO is to place them in a large bowl so they are not on top of each other. Then just cover with lake water for 2 minute, drain of the excess water and leave so they appear to be drying out. They will tend to stick together so aggitate them with your fingers to seperate them and place in bait tub. When pellets go to mush its either using to much water or to small a bait tub and they stick together.

      For the hook i use ringers 4mm and 6mm expanders, use a pellet pump.
      Steve Davies


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        Try pumping your expanders the night before but add a bit of gelatine to the water or strawberry jelly, then leave them in the fridge over night and you should have some perfect hookers - play about with flavours and differing amounts of jelly / different pellets and you will be away!
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          Thanks for your advice, will give the gelatine a go this weekend and try a larger mixing bowl. I have tried wetting them the night befor and draining the water off them after one minuite and leaving them in a blown up plastic bag with a little flavouring on them, tryed pumping the on the day of the match, wetting them on top of a ground bait riddle, but still they go to soft / mushy .

          What pellets would you recommend, i'm using Ringers 4mm 6mm for feeding at the moment.


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            i have tried loads of different ways of preparing pellets for the hook and the ways i always seem to came back to are-

            in the summer- i just pump my pellets on the bank 20mins before the start an then leave them in the water all day long this way it stops the pellets drying out and becoming useless!

            and for the winter i pump them the night before and as soon as the pellets are are all soft, i drain off the water place them inbetween a couple of sheets of kitchen towel to dry them off place in a bag and put them in the fridge, if you place them in the fridge ringing wet they sometimes have a tendancy to go mushy the next morning! (and the reason for this is you dont want to be placing you hand in ice cold water for 5 hours)

            as far as feed pellets go i normally just place my pellets in the bait box fill to the top with water and then drain off the water straight away, and give them a good shake so they dont stick together! fisheries where i am used to the pellets i may leave them in the water slightly longer so they will be softer and still hold there shape, but sometimes you can get caught out and the pellets will take on all the water and go mushy, there there is only one use and thats paste
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            Matt Smith
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              The best way I have found is to pump them, drain them straight away then put them in an air tight plastic bag in the fridge overnight.In the morning they are just right.


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                Thaks All for info, will give these methods a try out this weekend and let you know how i go on.

                Regards Waggman


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                  I have tried a few ways of pellet preparation but the best and most consistant I have found is to pump them in water then let them soak for about 10 minutes in 12 oz of water with 3 pieces of jelly melted down,then put them in the freezer.Every batch seems to ve very consistant this way,I recon Ringers are the best pellet I have tried.
                  Not tried the approach of pumping and leaving in water all match but will give it a go soon


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                    Alfie if you leave ringers expanda's in the water all the match they will fall apart on the hook. I don't know if other pellets stay together if left in water.
                    Steve Davies


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                      Originally posted by D N W
                      Alfie if you leave ringers expanda's in the water all the match they will fall apart on the hook. I don't know if other pellets stay together if left in water.
                      That's what I was thinking and probably why I have not tried it,nevertheless I will try it just pump a few and see what happens....cheers