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Mini boilies/do you use them

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  • Mini boilies/do you use them

    Just wondering if many of you use or have tried boilie (mini match or otherwise). If so what are your favourites types , sizes, colours, flavours etc.
    and why. What type of boilie would you like to try that is currently not really available

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    A friend of mine has used minin boilies 6m, red and white and has had good results from them, but I have tried to buy them at this size and can't get any from anywhere. He got his from the Midlands somewhere.

    Any ideas, NORTHWEST.


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      Have tried the white chocolate mini boilies before with mixed success. Also gave the Ringer ones a trial at Stanborough once before but found meat on the hook a better option.
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        The White Ringers ones Ive found, are excellent for bream.


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          Ferryman i am sure Richworth do a 6mm bloodworm boilie


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            i carry them,,but have not used them yet.
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              Richworth do loads of different flavoured mini boilies[6mm].I have about 8 different ones.The red ones[strawberry,cherry etc]seem to work best around the midlands.I have done ok on the white chocolate though,they were working well at stockton.I bought all my boilies from The lodge,coventry road,sheldon,birmingham.Phone-0121 743 0448.It shouldnt be too far for you polemaster.


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                I have used the white 6mm, not actually caught on em but apparently theu were working at drayton a couple of years back . I got mine from Leigh Angling Centre


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                  For at least the last 6 or 7 years i've always carried a varied selection of sizes, colours and flavours with me EVERY time on the bank.

                  Most matches that i use a feeder on for carp i start with either a single or double yellow boilie (6/8/10mm dependant on the water).

                  Bagging Wag waters normally see me start with either a white or yellow boilie.

                  I've caught shed loads of fish on them (Rolfs included).

                  Best one's i've ever tasted were supplied by Steve (Polemaster) and were a Pink one that was Ice Cream flavour if memory serve me right, i never did catch on any of those though as in all honesty I EAT THE LOT myself.
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                    Caught a few fish using the 8mm ringers white fishmeal ones on the method feeder last year. Came as a sample pack at the NEC last year and the great thing is you can catch 6-8 fish at least on the same hookbait!
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                      Your memory serves you right Malc, bright pink ice cream flavour those were the ones, i remember you eating them, never did you any harm eh Malc .
                      Another good one i used to do was catfood and savoury meat, still enjoy making my own Malc. Thinking of making some up with Predator Plus additive.