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speedfishing shallow

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  • speedfishing shallow

    not had much practice at this but will be fishing a place soon that has a LOT of carp between 8 oz-1 1/2 lb and probably need 150lb to frame or win,you can catch on a top 2 shallow so what's everyones advice on how to tackle the place cheers for all input lads

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    You can definately catch shallow short and build a big weight - but you are right it is often about speed.

    Basically try and not have to break down, sit low to the water and have your nets set up so they dont get in the way, have your landing net in an easy position so you can quickly net the fish and have a landing net head that isnt deep so you arent wasting time with a fish flapping around in the bottom of a deep landing net. My best tip would be to fish soft enough elastic that you can land the fish without breaking down or shipping in.

    Make sure you have some hooker pellets that dont come off when you miss a bite!
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