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  • Dilemma

    I have a match on Sunday at Tunnel barn and in a bit of dilemma regarding bait.

    Following on from advice and phones calls I have been advised on so many different approaches that now more confused

    Bronze Maggot
    Sweetcorn and hemp
    Meat and hemp
    Chopped worm and caster

    Do I take them all and ring the changes and feed different baits, different swims or target a couple of baits and persevere with those?

    All or any advise more than welcome.
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    I would look to target two baits one being pellets the other maggot pretty certain they will catch you fish, Tunnel is noted for catching fish close in and to do a weight you need to fish both right and left of your peg catching a few from each side without fishing the peg out, the rain of the last few days will no doubt put the fish down a bit and its possible that they may not come close, so a longer line is also needed, without doubt the list of baits you have been told will all catch after all its fish soup at Tunnel, but too many different lines of attack is not what its about and could mean you end up chasing the fish all over the place, keep it simple and keep the feed going in be it pellets or maggot watch for them coming up in the water.


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      hi leigh66 if I going I wood go with wot wood work for me such as pellets corn meat or wot you think work for you and wot you fell cofiden hope that help you garyfishman wish you go luck let me now how yoy get on garyfishman