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Carp, would you miss em'

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  • Carp, would you miss em'

    How badly would you miss catching carp, do you get fed up of them, would you like a change.
    Would you be happy never to catch another carp, do you think that carp fishing commercial style is getting predictable and boring, or do feel angling needs a new direction.
    Would you visit and support a silver fish venue only (no carp)
    Would you never fish a silver fish venue and think there is no need for them
    Are you happy with venues in general and nothing needs changing
    Would you be happy never to catch a carp again (commercial style)
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    I used to enjoy fishing rivers but with vandals wrecking or stealing your car, the likely hood of being attacked on the bank by the local druggy and the mile and a half walk i gave up fishing the trent for my local commercials. Obviously for the reasons mentioned they are a godsend, However the fact that the majority contain carp dictates that all my tackle is geared towards carp fishing. If the majority of comercials were geared towards silver fish then i would change my tackle enjoy it just has much.
    Steve Davies


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      I love nothing better than fishing our clubs silver pool, which apart from crucians contains no carp, it does contain just about everything else and bites are guaranteed, with the added advantage of not knowing what the next fish is likely to be. Ok its never going to be 100lb plus bags and you have to work for your fish thats something I dont mind, but for me its all about that float going under and I am happy when it does.


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        John - Kingfisher
        Talk Angling Senior Member
        Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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          i agree brian weights are only relative plus silvers dont tend to bust expensive pole sections but choice is the issue we can all find venues and styles of fishing we like. looking at commercials its still the best anglers who come to the fore so you still have to beat the best where ever you go.
          the carrot bites back:D
          ooh you are awful!!


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            i love silver fishing it makes a change from just catching carp all the time and what Brian said is true. you do not get 100lb plus bags and you have to work for the fish but it is great fun.


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              There are skills beyond carp bashing that our young bloods are going to need to master if our national sides are going to keep their street cred. It would seem that a large majority of canals and rivers have made way for commercials and few of them aren,t what you could deem as naturalised mixed fisheries. The only reason i fish these heavily stocked carp waters on matches is, its almost impossible to find a weekend match other than in winter that accomadates the silver fish angler, "i am talking locally though". Some of you may say that i could go pleasure fishing instead, but for me thats almost impossible, couldn,t begin to get enthusiastic about it. To answere your question very briefly though Steve i favour mixed fisheries but nobody appears interested anymore. Tis a good job we have winters. After puddle chuckin for lumps all summer its great to get some real fishin especially when your breaking the ice, "its a great leveler". OHHH YES!!!