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  • Hello There

    Found the forum a couple of weeks ago and finally found the time to register. Lots of good info on here, hopefully be able to impart some useful contributions.
    I'm from the Northwest area, mainly fish a couple of local midweek opens and Sunday club matches.

    All the best, Clive

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    Welcome Clive, enjoy the forum and look forward to having a chat soon.


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      Clive you have picked the best angling site there is a good mix of match and pleasure anglers on this forum so all axpects are discussed and every one is friendly and willing to give advise.

      They also run good friendly matches so enjoy using the site.
      Steve Davies


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        Welcome to the site clive , how is Partridge fishing? Used to fish there regular a few years back


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          Hi mate,

          Partridge is fishing its nuts off at the moment. The venue record went twice in consecutive matches a couple of weeks ago. 133lb of chub on the Sat and then smashed again with 211lb of chub on the Tues. That was on Willow, Pine did a winning weight of 111lb on Tues, mainly F1's I think. Defo worth a trip down there on a Tues or Sat. Make sure you take plenty of casters!


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            hi partridge welcome to the site... enjoy
            :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
            [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


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              How's the ribbon fishing? I held the record on there for a short while with a fantastic net of chub from peg4 and they were only 6oz then


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                Ribbon is fishing well on the whole, somewhere between 40 and 80 winning matches, mainly carp 2-5lb either on paste or up in the water on caster. The chub have dissapeared, there was a chub kill on there last summer, but they have been replaced. They showed up well earlier in the year, but now seem to have vanished.
                You wont recognise the place now, they've just dug a load of new lakes which have been stocked and are due to open soon. Maybe see you down there, I'll be the one struggling to lift my nets out!


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                  You've got a bad back then


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                    Partridge Clive do you have any info. on Marsh Canal Partridge Lakes Warrington, as I have a match on there in August.



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                      First off, dont draw 2,3,4,5! Might as well go home there and then!
                      Ideally you want somewhere between 9 and 14 although the top end 22, 23 can be good at times. You're fishing for mainly chub with the odd F1 ad bigger carp thrown in. The main attack is caster fished shallow 3/4 accross, maybe right over if the lake is full. These chub are ravenous, you'll need a minumum of 4pts of bait t get the most from your swim, if this is a little on the expensive side you can bulk ut your feed with hemp. It's nt fishing very well at the moment, the fish have not ong since finished spawning. But it will be back on form soonand I'd guess you're looking for over 60lb of chub to secure victory (they average about 1.5lb).
                      Hope that helps, if you need any other info, give me a shout.



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                        Cheers Clive, I know it's a bit late in replying but I have only just read your post.