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Any Ideas?

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  • Any Ideas?

    Hi There,
    If you have bubbles coming up around your bait but can't get a bite, what should you do?

    This has happened to me on two different waters and has me completely stumped.
    First is a comercial ( carp 1- 6lbs), in the past I have fished with meat and a kinder pot, this has resulted i them coming up, so I have been trying potting in, (@13m 7ft deep) after an hour I started to get bubbles but no bites, then the bubbles stopped. potted in again, 5 mins bubbles returned. Was fishing potting in mainly meat, some corn and pellets. Tried all these as hooknaits, tried dead depth, overdepth, dragging ,lifting.

    Second water is skimmers/bream and tench. Never sorted this water out at all but advised that groundbait is needed, maggot is meant to be good but I found it almost impossible to get past the small fish. Treid again: was potted in pellets, then tried groudbait with allot of pellets in. same thing bubbles starting and stopping to order. but could hardly buy a bite, ended up with 2 tench, 3 skimmers.

    what would any of you do/try in situations like this?


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    The first one sounds to me like a lake I fished regularly for a few years. I came to the conclusion the bubbles were caused by fish on the bottom. I could never get a proper bite, but by shallowing up by upto a foot caught me fish. Do not know to this day why it worked it just did.

    You say that the fish come up when feeding through a kinder cup then why not target them shallow.

    Also fish around the edges of the bubbles and feed area. The bubbles may be caused from gases in the silt bed being freed up by rummaging fish.

    The second water you do not mention how it is stocked(whether there is a lot of decent fish to target or only a few) but personally I would fish worm and caster. Maybe a bit of corn. You do not say whether this is on the float or feeder but I would put a bed of feed down either way and fish cocktails over it.

    Hope this helps
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      That sounds like gil feeding to me mate !I think I would fish to the edge of the bubbles to try and tempo a bite.


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        i can remember reading roy marlow's column in the midland angler a couple of years back and he had a fish finder above his float and over fed on purpose to attract alot of fish into the swim which would then tear up the bottom causing fizzing, what the fish finder showed was a huge silt cloud which went up as high as 4ft from the lake bed,

        so im guessing by fishing in this silt cloud the fish find it difficult to pick out the bait and alot of the indications on the float are just liners, what i tend to do now is re plumb up away from this line and start again, i suppose you could try feeding lighter baits like casters that would silt on top of the silt but my theory is as long as there is silt there you will have fizzing no matter what you feed
        Matt Smith
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          I always associate fizzing with skimmers feeding on the bottom. So if this happens I fish shallow to avoid them and feed little and often.


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            Thanks for all the replies.

            To clarify- or maybe muddy the waters futher!
            on the first lake I wanted to see if I can catch on the bottom with this method as from the response it looks like it gets a lot of carp into the swim, admittedly if I can't catch them it's no use.

            On the second lake - Wigmore ( or Widmore ) between Shrewsbury and Welshpool- skimmers seem to be the target species, the tench are mainly small and the bream although quite large are very sporadic,( never had more than two in a session) loads of rudd on the top, and I am fishing the pole between 9-11m. At present quadruple maggot gets taken on the drop, as does small pellet, and meat, small perch take red meat off the bottom. Maggot can be good as hookbait but as it has got warmer it has been impossible to get a bait to the bottom. will try a few worms next time but I think the perch will make this difficult.

            From your responses it seems that I have overfed and should take it a bit slower though.


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              I have found that changing the shotting pattern on the pole, making SURE that the bait goes straight down as quickly as possible, may improve your catch rate, as I am sure that you are losing the bait to "nuisance" fish without indication to you.


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                The fizzing is usually small skimmers feeding mid depth, if you get the fizzing forget it, you wont get a fish on that line for a while. Start another swim away from it but dont put too mjuch feed in or you'll get the same