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feeder fishing

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  • feeder fishing

    can anyone give me some advice on the best rigs for inline method feeder fishing. what are the best rigs that offer fish safety but allow you to have as much chance of hooking the fish. I have also noticed that some feeders have elastic like the korum feeders, whats the purpose of this elastic?

    Also what are the best rigs for cage feeder fishing?

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    Personally i use korum in line feeders, basicly the line runs through the middle tie this to a swivell and a short hook length to the other side of the swivell, then tie a barbless hook to that. With this set up if you snap your line the feeder will drop of and the hook will fall out at a later stage.

    In the orginal method feeders it an elestic shock absorber so the fish would not snap the line, however if the main line did snap the fish would tow the feeder around. Thats why i don't use them.
    Steve Davies


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      I have been method fishing with an inline, free running method feeder for some time now. I have discovered a VERY easy way to fish this method with good results! I use a "slider" which looks like a cotton reel on a piece of wire.
      It fits on the the front of you pod (or your front bankstick).
      I fish with the rod parallel to the water, which means that when the fish (usually!) takes off like a train, the WHOLE rod swings over!