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aargh... which bait..

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  • aargh... which bait..

    Ive got my second open at Tunnel Barn Farm nr Warwick on Sunday, and im struggling to decide which bait to use..

    Normally a venue has one or two baits that seam to stand out above the rest.. but looking through the results of the open winners

    Match 1 - 142-9-0, carp and bream, poled paste,
    Match 2 - 271-12-0, carp, poled bronze maggot
    Match 3 - 215-3-0, carp, roach and bream, poled bronze maggot
    Match 4 - 250-14-0, carp, roach,bream and tench, poled meat
    Match 5 - 87-13-0, carp, poled pellet

    Also i know the week before caster and chopped worm were doing the damage.

    Obviously i dont want to go armed with every bait under the sun, but likewise i need to make sure i take enough.

    I fished meat there 2 weeks ago weighed in 33lb and got battered by the blokes either side of me (one was on caster and the other on paste).

    What would you use/ do ?

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    whatever your most confident using


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      As Alfie said use what you are most confident with, but keep feeding something, and on more than one line, TBF responds to fishing close and to prevent spooking them rotate around at least 3 or 4 lines.


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        at the moment im leaning towards 1.5 pint maggots (prob bronze with a few reds) and 2pint of caster and then take some bags of meat.

        i think the only thing im not really confident in is paste/ pellet.. but i know it seams to be working there.... but then which flavour... equally i know that a match isnt really the time to learn how to use a new bait.

        id prob only be moaning if there was a strict bait ban but at least it makes the shopping list easier...


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          You need to have sufficient bait to last for 5 hours, so decide what you are going to use as feed and take plenty of that, rather than a bit of everything.
          You can always take various hookbaits in smaller quantities aswell.


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            Beasty mate, The lads that are doing these weights on tunnel barn almost live on it, they know it like the back of their hand. If it was me i,d do abit more homework first. I say that respectfully, but normally its the same faces framing mate!!!!!.