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feeder fishin ???

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  • feeder fishin ???

    i have been doing abit of feeder fishing in local lakes .... im using the polynester rig using the loop about 2 foot up the line to connect the feeder ....... im also using a size 14-16 barbed hook !

    when i hook a fish i allways seem to lose them either during the fight or before i net him !!!! why is this happening ??? ............ i also have trouble striking .... i strike to the right and the rod goes behind me as if im striking to slack line its like the wind is takeing it behind me and its hard to hook the fish !!!! can anyone help me thanks !!!

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    polynester rig ? do you mean paternoster ? barbed hooks ? hmmm!
    i would start by using a free running paternoster style set up incorparating a ledger stop which allows you to vary the length of 'tail'. this is the distance between the hook and the feeder often important especially when bream fishing. also change to a barbless hook as you achieve better penetration as there is no barb to hinder the hooks progress into the fish's mouth. you also need to load your reel with a good quality sinking line (maxima) and after casting in you need to take up any slack created on the cast by the wind. it is probably best to use the line clip on the reel as this aids accurracy but also every time the line hits the clip it is reasonably straight. i am sure there will be a feeder fishing dvd outthere to demonstrate all this . tight lines.
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      I,m a little confused with the first part of your thread dazz, ref , the rig.
      But i,m abit concerned though about this "striking" fish and loosing fish whilst playing them out.
      You didn,t mention your target fish however it can be generaly said that proper bait presentation would normally result in confident bites. In turn there would be no need to really strike the fish as its more a case of just lean into them, That is lift the rod and they are on. Hard striking of fish can actually tear the fish consequently loosing it. Another reason for loosing fish is purely down to your tackle and technique of playing fish. For bream fishing my choise of rod is going to be a soft althrough action but with a good recoil. The reason for this is Bream can tend to wollow when they,re being played and too stiff a rod will cause you to bump them off. Be a bit more forgiving when playing your fish, You,ve done the hard bit by hooking one so why rush now and loose it,. When fishing for Carp you,ll need may need to beef things up a little depending on the size of your target fish but the same applies to your rod, i would go for althrough action rather than a poker. Dont be consumed by the need for barbed hooks although this is a personal thing but i cant remember the last time i bought a barbed hook. Hope this helps a little but with practice and observation you will get it right. O.K mate


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        eh compleat tangler ....... i would need 2 see a picture to demenstrate the rig ........... do you no a site that may provide this thanks


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          dazz contact oneabung he operates the site and will be able to point you in the right direction .
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