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Fishing up in the water ( Help ! )

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  • Fishing up in the water ( Help ! )

    After several years away from fishing I have been giving the Carp fishing a go ( still not as much fun as the rivers used to be ! ) can someone offer some assistance ?
    I have been fishing a few small club matches and knock ups trying to get to grips with up in the water however I seem to catch quite quickly only to loose the fish after an hour or so ? I an feeding 4m pellet little 6-8 very often ( every 15 seconds or so )

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    It can be frustrating, sometimes they move out and you need to add an extra section, sometimes they go a bit deeper and you need a deeper rig.
    Sometimes you just need to change your feed rate, either more or less depending on situation. Some days if you feed too much they follow the bait down and some days they will stay up whatever you do because thats where they want to be. Sometimes they will spook off your pole and you need a longer line, some days it makes no difference. Best thing to do if your not catching is change something. Generally I feed more at the start then ease up when the fish arrive.Hope that helps.


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      Cheers Royst and yes that helps.


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        dave rudge

        you must set 2 or 3 rig,s and be prepared to chase your fish try adding a section ;ie take a section off try feeding heaver, try, 3 or 4 different area,s in your peg, in that way you snatch a few more fish,and don,t just, sit , there mick dan bagging line