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Which Rod and Reel for Newbie?

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  • Which Rod and Reel for Newbie?

    Hi all
    I am new to angling and am currently in the process of buying my own gear instead of having to borrow my friend's stuff.

    I'm a bit stuck on which rod and reel to buy, and wondered if anyone has any suggestions. There seem so many types - carp, match, float, feeder, quiver etc. I'm getting a bit confused!

    I intend to fish rivers mainly, with the odd lake now and then. I want a rod that will allow me to use both floats and ledgers/feeders, and a reel that will work well in the same situations.

    I visited my local shop yesterday and they suggested a Okuma reel which was about £30 and an avon rod which was about £60. This is about as much as I want to spend at the moment as I have other stuff to buy.

    Any suggestions that you can give would be very much appreciated.

    All the best.


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    you can get a okuma interceptor 30 bait runner which would allow you to float fish and ledger....£19.99 great value i have had one for 2 seasons without any hiccups....the rod i will leave to my more learned colleagues to sugest
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      shakespeare match rod

      and liek larry said

      an okuma interceptor

      this set up should cost you about £40

      but the rod is good enough for silverfish and the odd carp up to 13lb cause thats the biggest carp ive had on this rod
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        Don't go to Argos! is a good tip, most of there rods my mates have brought have gone wrong or just can do a good job.

        Shimano Catana BX Match Rod is a brillant rod, my one is perfect for river fishing i was using it the other day, and i think it could handle a light feeder nice and is'nt to heavy to catch little fish either.
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          Go to the Wychavon,Evesham Bank Holiday weekend and grab a bargain rod and reel!!
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            How much stick gave you given the Okuma interceptor ? and am always concerned that they will explode and puke gears and bearings all over me. I don't know why though.
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              I wouldn't worry too much about the strength of the reel, havent seen one blow up yet, I know a few lads who use them for both Barbel and big carp. and the new improved model seems even better made.