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pole fishing

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  • pole fishing

    im planning on buying a pole in the next couple of weeks. the pole im hopeing to buy is the shimano technium xta 1300. on the whole it seems a good price and had some decent reviews especially for a first time buyer pole.

    obviously there is alot to pole fishing especially when teaching yourself so i will probably be posting a few questions over the next few weeks. i will be grateful if you do your best to answer them plz.

    the first questions i would like answering are:

    1. regardless of strength do poles take any make elastic?

    2. when pole fishing is it best to use a lighter line than waggler fishing even if you are targetting the same size fish? also do you have to buy different lines for poles?

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    dan if you going to make you own pole floating up if your going to fish 4lb line then put say 3lb or 2lb hook link so if you hook a better fish your wont lost the rig but your hook link and if I was you I wood ask if you geting it for you local shop I wood ask you local shop if the match top take up to a nuber 12 in the match and if you have a power to wot that is ratide to hope you get on with the pole you can buy made up one or if you wont to make you own ones if you get use to it I hope this helps you a bit let me now how you get on with it tight line gary


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      the pole should be rated and it will tell you the maximum elastic it takes....
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