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  • Warning

    This is a simple but seriouse WARNING.

    Yesterdy, Sunday 5th August I fished an open match, when the all out was shouted I was like a LOBSTER (it wo'nt happen again). During the match not one umberella was being used, our umberellas are there to protect us and our bait from the rain and also from the SUN. (I know anglers are reluctant to use sun tan lotion because it interfers with the bait.)

    I am now suffering because I did not put mine up, so please let us see more umberellas being used on hot sunny days for our health reasons alone.

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    Excellent post.

    I put sun cream on on Saturday (I want to protect all my tattoos), but I waited until groundbait was mixed and balls formed, then wandered down the cut a few pegs and gave my hands a good wash (You could do this in a 3pint bait tub if you aint on an end peg?) and scrub on a clean towel. Didn't affect my bait and kept me from going pink/red

    Besides, all you smokers out there probably dont think twice about the smell on your hands (Ian Heaps and his Ivy being an exception lol) so theres no excuse not to slap it on!

    Just don't ask me to rub it into your back hahaha

    Just be aware too that some umbrellas will NOT protect you from UV rays, and you can also get a mean sunburn from the glare on the wet.
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      Cheers David, on a different subject, where you live do you fish the river Avon, if so do you have any info. on it.


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        it is a rare ocurance that we get sun in small heath i will be selling it at the draw in future for a nominal fee....
        In darkness we do what we can
        In daylight we're oblivion


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          Put a Health warning on the packet Larry.

          i.e. Can seriously damage your health.


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            I learnt the hard way fished a match in shorts once five hours sat and didn't get up until the end and boy did i shout scarlet red knees winning the match didn't help the pain much walked as if i'd s*** myself for the day