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  • attractants

    What do you advise me to use, when canal fishing, with maggott or squatt, as an extra attraction

    Years ago I did use aniseed, I see people are now using Turmeric and Chile,

    HOW ? what preparation

    any ideas gratefully needed



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    Does depend on your main main prey! When targetting large bream, on what was our canal stretch, I used pinkies with my groundbait which was mixed with a good helping of "touche" The bream loved it! If you find out where to buy some "touche" let me know I've run out!!
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      in addition to what kingfisher says, i belive that it depends on venue aswell.
      whats works on the staff's worcs canal probabally wouldnt be as good on the grand union


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        yes cheers, im on staffs worcs mainly kiderminster area


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          turmeric i used for degreasein maggots so they fell through the water quicker...chili never tried.. it but the answer to your question is maggot flavored squat the idea is to get the fish into a feeding frenzy coming of the bottom to intercept the squat, so its feeding thats more important than flavor, 15 squats all the time so its a constant fall of squat.. its an art squat fishing i am nowhere near perfection but love fishing it . couple of rigs same one shallow, one dead depth......
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            Like larry said feeding is the key, As for preparation riddle all the sand off em and chuck a slice of bread soaked in milk on the top of em, they'll be twice the size by morning.


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              Thanks for replies, good advice



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                Any of you read this months match fishing?

                Mark pollard on the Grand Union Canal in search of bream. His attack consisted of pellets,corn and if things wernt going well , casters and worm.
                Seems to me like nowadays pellets and corn are becoming a bait that work anywere .. so give them a shot?

                Oh as proof they worked he caught shed loads of bream and roach. Also a sizeable rogue carp.
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                  there's one thing i always add to half a pint of squatts in the summer months.

                  another half a pint of squatts...keep them going in.