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  • confused

    if a no 6 shot is heavier than a no 8 and 8 is heavier than a no10 why is a 4x6 float lighter than a 4x8 refering to post is plain why a 0.3 gram float is lighter than a 0.5 so why is it done this way. surely a 4x6 should be heavier than a 4x8 it would make a lot more sense dont you agree..............
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    4 x 8 etc gives the shottinng capacity in styls which decreases as the number decreases ie 4 x 16 4 x14 4 x 12 etc split shot is the reverse so as the number gets bigger the floats get lighter. mark pollard brought out a range of floats with the capacity marked in shot in recognition of this confusion (fox)
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