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  • Club Rules

    Guys, just answere me some simple questions. If a club has a constitution and in those rules it states that "All members must make themselves aware and fish to fishery rules or be disqualified", Decide on a certain match day to disqualify members for not having fished within those rules yet on a following date refuse to recognise a members protest because 90 percent of the anglers fishing the match that day did not fish to fishery rules and should all be disqualified. Are/Is the match organizer/s cheating?. Could any of you in all good consiousness remain a member of a club that openly flaunts the rules to suit themselves?.
    And NO i wasnt an angler who was disqualified.

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    i think we need to know more...

    Has the rule been made recently or since the last visit.

    What was the rule that was broken.


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      Smacks to me of double standards.
      If I didn't follow the rules (intensionally or not) & then got treated differently to someone else who did exactly the same it would say to me that I wasn't particularly welcomed or valued by the club/organisers... & if I felt that was the case I would then make the decision that these were people I didn't want to fish with..... cos being a sociable event is a big part of the match for me.
      That's my 'small club' mentality speaking there as I haven't stepped up to any really serious match angling.... yet !


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        In a nutshell No I would not be happy with the company I was keeping, fishing is fun for me and when its not I will pack it in , but there are some fishery rules that are open to being bent, like no feeding of floating baits but can be used on the hook, with anglers then striking off the floating bait.
        I would assume that a formal written complaint would be the way to resolve the matter and if requred an Extra Ordinary Meeting should be called to allow all members to have their say and vote on the matter, the committee is there to serve the members not the other way round.


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          our club rules state fishery rules are to be obeyed and should anyone be caught 'cheating' then they will be disqualified and score no points . this can be retrospectively applied should an objection be raised post match (no time limit) subject to a comittee hearing. all anglers should be disqualified in this case. one angler was disqualified this year and i have had to point out some wrong practices also(feeding with a cup whilst fishing) ignorance is no defence. all club memebers are provided with the rules before the start of the season and they are enforced with out exception. sounds like the fishery owner should be more pro active aswell. once you alow cheating your opening the door to all forms of cheating and then angling and its good name suffers. leave the club and shop them to the fishery then they should be banned from there and maybe just maybe the penny will drop stick to your principles mate or your head will go.
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            O.k Woodhouse.
            3 weeks ago a guy was disqualified for fishing a floating pole.
            Floating pole was not allowed on the fishery.
            On the same match a guy was disqualified for useing 6 tins of Corn. Fishery rules say 2 tins maximum.
            2 weeks ago only 5 members of the club Dipped their nets. Fishery rules state "All nets must be dipped" therefore those that didnt dip their nets broke the rules if i,m not mistaken and by the same law must be disqualified.
            As i said earlier the clubs rules state. All anglers must make themselves aware of the fishery rules, failure to do so will result in disqualifiscation. And i forgot to mention the club reiterated the rules on the day that most of the anglers didnt dip thier nets by giving all the anglers A copy of the club rules.


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              They should have been disqualified.

              Not only that they should be thrown out of the club due to jeopardising the clubs relationship with the venue.


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                bri and ien.b are right fishing is fun, but the rules are the rules and i think if they are breaking then they should be disqualified. when i fish match be it here at home or away in the midlands, i take time to read all the rules so i can not break them. it no good having a good match maybe even a win to find that you are disqualified for something that you may or may not know