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Which top of the range kit would you choose

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  • Which top of the range kit would you choose

    If you had to use average fishing gear except for one item what would you choose

    would it be a pole, seat box, rod

    I would be happy to use average gear for everything except i would choose a pole because it would make the difference between missing and hitting bites
    Steve Davies

  • #2
    can terminal tackle count as one item?
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    • #3
      Bait the fish can see , because i am sure the stuff im using lately, goes invisible under water.LOL


      • #4
        Yes Dave you can but is the top of the range end tackle that much better than the average terminal tackle. Has is the case of £300 quid pole to a £3000 pole?
        Steve Davies


        • #5
          we all spend a lot of money on top of the rang tackle, i must admit i am one of them but the average tack to day can be just as good as the top of the range. no names but top of the range floats top kits 4nos etc and so on that break or snap and the money we pay for them. are we paying money for quality or just for the name..? if you said to me to use average tackle i would and use it just the same. its not kit it the person who is using it, it dos not make us a better anglers buy using top of the range kit. we are already a good angler like, i said i am one of them who buys top of the range spends a lot of money on poles etc.. we have all fallen in that trap but if we all look back we were all using average kit when we first started and we joined the clubs and went to shows get mags and that it the trap beings and it just dos not stop that's all i can say.......imp


          • #6
            experience catches more fish than expensive gear. but you pay to learn and as such not everyone can fish five times aweek and build up their knowledge so quick. also i believe that percentages have a lot to do with it ie i fish(sadly) about 20/25 times a year so my name isnt well known locally but should i fish 150 times a year it would as i win or frame in about 50% of my matches at club level and maybe 20% at open level. it would appear i was a competent angler just through publicity and going more often. the more you go the more you learn the more you catch the more you win the more you go etc etc etc
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            ooh you are awful!!


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              I would go for a top - quality match rod. The reason , most match rods can be used for waggler fishing, then screw in a quiver tip , and you can fish bomb/feeder. This allows for two , great fish catching methods.
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                I agree that no amount of top tackle can catch you fish if you are inept at fishing. However, i have been in situations with the wind blowing and you need arms like Arnie Schwarzerniger holding on to a 16 mtr banana pole which affects presentation. Whereas if i had a top of the range pole i would have presented the bait better and therfor had more bites.
                Steve Davies


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                  My rive box, My arse never goes numb now.
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                  • #10
                    I have my own natural padding so i can make do with a average box.
                    Steve Davies