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  • What fishing is all about

    Stainforth angling centre junior fishing match

    weds 25th aug

    47 kids fished at pine lakes thorne from 4-7pm

    This event in its 6th yr now was well supported by pine lakes,preston innovation,middy,sensas,at wholesale(vde)and stainforth angling centre.Every kid won a bag of £20 goodies for fishing with 20 local match anglers helping to coach the kids.They were split into 3 age groupes 11and under,12-13yr olds and 14-16yr olds.Pine lakes fished well as usual with mainly ide witha few carp and tench being caught.

    results 11 and under
    ricky clarcke 10lb 1oz 13ft carp waggler rod
    alicia rose 8lb 10oz keepnet landing net handle
    ryan margison 7lb 13oz keepnet and t shirts

    result 12-13yr
    lewis nowell 17lb 2oz 13ft carp waggler rod
    brad pye 15lb 3oz keepnet landing net handle
    jake dawson 14lb 3oz keepnet and t shirts

    results 14-16yr
    paul hyman 12lb 10oz 13ft carp waggler rod
    jamie robson 11lb 5oz keepnet landing net handle
    ryan jerrum 10lb 8oz keepnet and t shirts

    i would like to thank all at pine lakes for there help in providing all the kids with a great day and hopefully contiued support with this event

    thank you mark price (stainforth angling centre)
    stainforth angling full of loving for all ;)

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    Tamer ,
    Very well done , keep up the good work with the "Future " of our wonderful sport , we could do with a few more of these matches around the country , but again well done to your good self ,and all that helped with this and other events around the country

    GARY S


    • #4
      Nice one Chubb Tamer, nice to see the kids having a good day I am sure your efforts were well received.


      • #5
        Interseting to see the mid age group beat their younger and older competitors by quite a margin! Maybe they are at an age inbetween being a bit numb, and knowing it all!

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        • #6
          no the 12-13yr olds were on a dif lake abit more room for them thats all
          stainforth angling full of loving for all ;)


          • #7
            well done mark ,just seen it on you tube move over keith arthur big lads coming
            nige cooke


            • #8
              havent seen it on you tube yet my laptop has some restiction on it but hope u get to see how much the kids enjoyed there day
              stainforth angling full of loving for all ;)


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                Congratulations to all involved.
                Always good to see the youngsters being encouraged.
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                • #10
                  yes mark it was spot on ,how come you didn,t use micks or has tony banned all the young uns
                  nige cooke


                  • #11
                    well done mark.shame they,re aint any others round here to follow you.


                    • #12
                      cookie sprotty would eat the kids if we went there?
                      he scares u never mind the kids
                      stainforth angling full of loving for all ;)