hi all heres something one or two of you might be intrested at lindholme lakes

Hi i am now taking names for my winter league.
It starts in the second Sunday in october and is fortnightly for 15 matches drop your worst 7 results.
It is £20 to enter and £20 each match .
I will gaurentee £10000 final payout and each match gets payed out in section and lake wins.
If the match generate any extra monies over the 15 matches it is split at the final match to lake winners.
It had £1800 on the last winter league and all lake winners got a reasonable payout.
I only take £5 pegging and the rest is payed out in payouts.
There is a weekly balance sheet so NO RIPOFF HERE,at my lakes .
All welcolme
We had 126 register last year and all matches will be kammasan qualifiers. (hopefully)
Neil Grantham