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Netting bigger fish

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  • Netting bigger fish

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but how come some of the better anglers seem to be able to net bigger fish in double quick time & without hardly any splashing.
    I can be sat next to someone who seems to have been inactive all day then at the weigh-in they have a net full & I'm gobsmacked.
    Why I am I waiting for the fish to tire but they just bring it in & net it.... is it just stronger tackle or is there a knack

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    there is a nack.. personally ive not managed to master it yet.. but i noticed a few doing it when i watched the fishomania final..

    I think...
    basically keep pole tip low to water.. then drag back.. get net in place and heave upwards.. when the fish arrives at top scoop it up into net before its realised whats going on.


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      yeah sounds easy enough dunt it .... maybe if I caught more fish I could practice it a bit more


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        Couldn't agree more. Play the fish the same as you would on rod and line. keep the pole low to the water, or with the tip just in so you can see your elastic. Watch for the elastic retracting into the top kit. Then with your net ready lift the top kit and net your fish. WARNING miss the the fish and you will have to start the whole thing again as the fish will more than likley bolt off.


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          You could also invest in one of the new pull bung to help putting presure on the fish just as you are lifting to net it.


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            Ok, thanks for the advice.
            I must admit when shipping back the fish seem to come in fairly easily but as soon as you get to the top section & raise it to draw the fish to the net it bolts .... I then spend the next few minutes waiting for it to tire.... & usually miss the net a couple of times causing the splashing/disturbance
            Still practice makes perfect... doesn't it


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              if the fish starts to run just dip the pole under the water with a bit of sidestrain. this will turn the fish and stop it from running. u will find that the fish will tire much quicker, once the carp gets a gasp of air he's yours.


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                It is down to confidence in your tackle. I am not an expert but recently purchased some very powerful middy top 2's with hollow core and as they only cost £30 a go i give them a lot more stick once i have broken down than my pole and yes they come in quicker, by waiting for elastic to retract then heave. And you need a very stiff (ooh er) landing net hande and not too big a net so you can push it through the water


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                  could try a bigger net lol dont bully too much coz you might lose em