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Pole floats

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  • Pole floats

    Now I've learned how to net bigger fish (cough ) I need to get on top of the float choice. I have loads of different ones but nearly always end up using the same one that I'm fairly comfortable with. I'm never sure if I should be using long ones, short ones, ones that take quite a bit of shot or ones that hardly take any ......
    Now it's fairly obvious to me that there are floats for all situatons but that doesn't make it any easier for me to decide what to use on the day, & while my 'lucky' float has done me proud the past few matches it's time for a bit of variety (& hopefully extra fish).
    So my question to those who know is, if you could only take three floats to a match (somewhere that you don't know that well, if at all) what would they be & why ?

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    1)drennan tipo because i can use it throughout the range on all venues
    2)colmic jolly again for the same reason
    3)Original Preston Tyson just incase a hauling session was required


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      1 drennan tipo ...most versatile float out there love it
      2 tubertini concorde lovely canal float
      3 mb london punch (carrot type float) need i say more
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      the carrot bites back:D
      ooh you are awful!!


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        Ummm, don't know what any of those look like but will make an effort to find out (just so I know what an all rounder looks like !).
        Other bit that throws me is the length of the tip from the main body, why are some three quarters of an inch to an inch & others in the region of two & a half to three inches.... ... in what situation would you want to use the longer tip float & what difference does it make when it's pulled under if they are all shotted down to just the tip showing anyway ? (or are they )

        Now you're beginning to see why I always go for the same float !


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          Long bristles are usually for floats for paste and worm fishing were you want the bite to develop, paste fishing you can get a fair few liners and with the worm you want to make sure the fish has got the bait in its mouth. Additional a long bristle can be useful if its a bit choppy as the body will be lower in the water and less effected by the chop.


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            Thanks Brian, that makes sense