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Looking to learn.

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  • Looking to learn.

    I have just joined this forum yesterday and I am glad that I did. It seems like there are alot of experienced and knowledgable match anglers on here for me to learn from (If ya dont mind).

    I saw the error of my ways last Christmas, sold all of my carp fishing stuff, and bought myself a match fishing set up. I have flirted with feeders, poles and wagglers for years but my main obsession was carping.

    I would say that I very knowledgable when it comes to carp fishing, but I am keen to learn as much as possible about match fishing now.

    I have competed in 2 matches this year and managed respectable results. I will hopfully be improving on that soon.

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    Welcome to the site mate.
    Like you say there is alot to learn
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      Welcome over from the dark side,mate!
      There's loads of good advice to be had on here-don't be afraid to ask. ;-)
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      Alwight tweacle?


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        hi m8 if you want to know questions ask away or go on youtube and type in pole fishing/matchfishing some great videos to teach you everythin you know


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          Thanks Boys!!!

          I've been match fishing all year and have learnt quite allot so far. I didnt really approach the matches that I fished the right way, but I suppose this comes with experience. They were both at waters I had never fished (Gold Valley & Monk Lakes) so I did plenty of research. For example the match at Monk lakes, I looked at previous match results, for the time of year, what pegs did well, what baits, etc..... I then thought I new exactly what to do and it didnt go very well really. Everything pointed towards pole at 4-6m with pellets and paste. I caught 2 skimmers on that in 5 hours. I did however catch 30lb of carp at about 25m on the feeder. The guy next to me finnished up with 65lb all on corn (which was not mentioned on the match results), and the overall winner finnished with 90lb all on maggots.

          Everyone says research is the most important thing, but it let me down on these occasions.


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            the most important thing for me match fishing is everythin where i know and want it eg if my brolly is up i want my bait to hand with my drink and food next to me a disgorger in easy reach and my roller in the right place. then we go onto baits and everythin i would approach every match no matter what venue to my strengths eg if im really good at paste fishing and the lake holds carp to a decnt size or f1s i will have a line with paste if its silvers im good with micros and caster and worm so that my option fo that hope this help the research you done the person fishing these things might be really good at doing so fish to your strengths and not others people tell me if im wrong


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              I see what you mean Nick.

              I think most of the other people that I was fishing against were fishing to their strengths and it payed off for them. I be doing this from now on............................................Hang on........................................what the hell are my strengths???????


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                lol if you are ok at most types but dont have strengths fish the paste or hard banded pellet with the paste you get good bites 99% of times and with a hard banded pellet if you miss you dont have to ship back or reel in and cast out everytime you miss a bite also banded pellet seems to pick out better fish for me hope this helps


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                  One piece of advice i would give is concentrate on a couple of venues, get to know the moods and the methods.
                  Once you start to get noticed anglers will talk to you and open up about methods etc.
                  Win a couple and they will beat a path to you asking questions.
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                    Thanks boys!!!

                    I've joined a club so I'll concentrate on their waters for a while.

                    Spadger, It was good to see your lot beat Liverfools the other day.