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lets get back on the river

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  • lets get back on the river

    ok for all you older members who go on about true fishing let me make a reason why the noble rivers are no longer MATCH FISHING VENUES.
    just came back from a match today on the willington strech.
    correct me if i am wrong, but this was just bellow the power station the stuff of legends.we took 12 and took 2hrs to find 12 fishable pegs.there is nothing left of the banks and to be honest it looked like a bomb site.not the rivers fault but a very good case to forget about MATCH FISHING on was won with 7lb made up of small fry,back up wieghts not good in fact a joke
    before you go on we had men brought up on the severn,trent,avon.
    so i say by all means go and pleasure fish but stop going on about the only true sport of angling is river fishing,it is living in the past and WILL NEVER COME BACK.

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    Never say never as they say !
    My first club was a small Power Station club on the Trent. Wrapped up about 5 yrs ago due to Power Station closing. And while I've caught more fish in one commercial match than I caught in a full season of river matches the rivers get thumbs up from me every time. There's just something about having to work at something for me. If you blank one match it doesn't half make the first roach, perch or even little gudgeon a wonderful sight on the next match, everybody wants it on a plate these days.
    I admire any good/well known angler but ultimate respect goes to the river men for me, there is an art to really working a stick float.... not easy.
    And lets be honest the commercial mega weights boom will have to stop sooner or later, before long it won't be who has the biggest weight that wins the match but who hits a target weight quickest (i.e. the first one to catch 200lbs wins)... should be home for 11am.


    P.s. know what you mean about the pegs though... & the walk in some cases.


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      Good call J.T.
      The only mistake you made yesterday was not coming into work with me.


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        Fished the Bure Championship on Saturday and had 18lb 14oz of skimmers and there were nearly 90 pegs on the match that covered the St Benet's Abbey stretch of the R. Bure and the Cold Harbuor stretch of the R. Thurne. A great days fishing with the skimmers ranging from a couple of ounces to about 12 ounces with one fish about 2lb 8oz. Another one of those and I would have framed, as it was I came 7th in the match. Mind you, I was on the best section and sitting next to Mark Pollard who won the match with 33lb something! Mind you, he had about 15lb of fish between 2lb 8oz and 5lb that made the difference. Thinking back on the match the mistake I made was not going far enough across. On plumbing up with the bomb I had found that the deeper water on my peg was about 2/3 rds across. With a lot of the boat traffic hugging the far bank to 'keep out of our way' I reasoned that was the best place to fish - WRONG. Both Mark and Paul Yeoman who came third went further across than me and whilst I was catching a few I had no large fish and was falling behind Paul who was catching faster than me. It is difficult trying to persuade oneself to change lines and when I eventually did the fishing was slowing down!

        Oh well another lesson learned the hard way!


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          By the way, I remember a certain Keith Arthur saying that rivers were dead and that no one would be fishing them in the years to come. That was about 3 years ago and he admits that he was wrong. A lot of rivers including those on the Broads system and the Thames have fished better over the last couple of years than they have done for several years before that. There are still some anglers that prefer fishing natural rivers and that number is growing as people get bored with catching carp in matches.

          This year on the River Yare almost every match has seen framing weights of roach well over 20lb. Great fishing but I have to admit some of the walks and the cost of the bait and ground bait does put some people off.


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            I'm sorry to have to say this but I now regard commercials as unsportsmanlike. How can it be right to overstock venues to such an extent that the fish have to rely on angler's bait to survive? It's not fishing as I know it, and I'd rather give up match fishing than support them, as many have. The Frank Barlow Memorial at Long Higgin on the Trent was won with 50 odd pounds of bream last weekend. Lets get back on the rivers and learn how to fish them again, and that way we might even stand a chance come the next World Championships!


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              Well said Fletch. There are far too many venue experts on commercials who couldn't catch on a proper venue with roach and skimmers the target!

              I do fish commercials and enjoy it, but I also ensure that I get my river fishing in as well. I'm lucky and can fish 2 matches a week so one tends to be a commercial and one a natural, preferably a river. Doing this it is hard to compete on the commercials with some guys going to the same commercial 3 or four times a week. However, I enjoy the variety of the fishing and when I do get a good draw on a commercial then I enjoy the occasional bag up session.

              Certainly if I was restricted to one outing a week when I was younger it would have been rivers even if there had been commercials available. Now I think the convenience of the commercials would probably see me on the commercials. The parking behind the peg being the greatest advantage.

              Certainly the average age of the guys on the river matches I go to is over 50 but the commercials it probably drops to about 40 as there are a few more youngsters.