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What rods do you carry ??

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  • What rods do you carry ??

    Now winter is here i always seem to look at upgrading my rods but is there really a need for any of us too do it ??? I know with me its generally boredom but are we all in the same boat ??

    Currently im using a tricast legend 3000 for all my light to medium bomb work, a drennan puddle method 11ft, Browning power waggler 13ft and a shakey 11ft micro for my pellet work, along with a sensas 774.

    I dont know what it is but i always buy what I believe is the best at the time and then come boredom time I want to upgrade do we all suffer this ???
    here carpy carpy carpy

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    more money than sense get used to a rod and keep it


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      Unfortunately Bream god you seem to have miss interpretated what im saying if i had more money than sense I would have every so called top of the range rod there is however I dont.........? What im asking is it just boredom we buy new kit or is it a general necessity!

      My inital question I suppose is do the rods we buy actually carry get better or do we all just get bored with what we are carrying? I know money does buy you what we belive is better stuff at the time but I know from experience some of my older stuff like my Tricast rod out performs a lot better rods in their class today.
      here carpy carpy carpy


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        I carry for all my pole needs the tri cast aristocrat (loads of tops). Tric-cast power wand for the short feeder work, tourney x waggler (old version), shimano aerocast 12-14 heavy feeder and also the medium plus korum pellet wag rod which i totally love. But this gets changed a lot depending on where im going i have the odd few others to use also. As for buying the best at the time nothing wrong with that if pocket can stretch to it.
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          I love rods and am always buying them! The main rods I use though are very old, some over 20 years! I use the Normark Microlight, Titan and Avenger 2000 and 3000s for most of my float fishing and Daiwa Connoisseur X and Zs for my feeder and bomb fishing. I do use the new Tournament Pro 10fts for short range feeder fishing and Shakespear Mach 3 11ft wag rods for short range and confined swims. I have 30rods and 6 1/2 poles!


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            I can beat you on rod count but not poles mate only got 3 left
            because i have a 29 yr old son that does all his tackle shopping in my cupboard
            Over the yrs i have had that much stuff off sponsors etc ,i forget what i have got
            Its great if you do break something there is always a new 1 to use
            Anglers do buy loads of gear they dont need


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              I'm always buying rods (and reels) and using them for a while,get bored,then I upgrade them again. Especially if I haven't had my fishing fix for a few weeks-it's the next best thing to fishing-being a tackle tart! ;-)
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                I don't have time to buy new gear, I am always fishing!

                Seriously though I have rods and reels that go back long befor Nathan was even thought about as they say. I have Shakespeare Borons (3, 14 foot, 13 foot and 12foot) that go back to the 70's, a Hardy Avon of similar vintage that brings back many memories. I have used it with a fly line to cast flies in Ireland and Scotland, spun with it all over the UK including off the rocks and harbour walls and for small salmon in Cornwall (got a sea trout!), waggler fished loads of ponds locally with it and even light legered with it on the Hampshire Avon which it was designed for! I have 3 Shakespeare Mach 3 waggler rods that I use for training purposes, 3 or 4 old rods that I built myself from fibre glass. A couple of old Diawa rods that use for pellet waggler fishing. For feeder fishing I have a Nisa Feeders 12 foot rod that was made for Nicky by Normark and sold with the Nisa Feeders logo and Nick's name, a Drennan medium feeder at 12 foot and Drennan heavy feeder at 13 foot. The newest rods that I have bought are Carbotech's feeder rods with the 13 and 11 foot butts. They are a few years old now and most of the summer they are what I use 95%of the time. I still manage to frame and even win the odd match on the R Yare and at Suffolk Water Park. I have quite a few even older rods that I do not use, including a couple of my fathers split cane rods, an Avon and a Mk IV Richard Walker Carp Rod.

                The pole that I use the most 95% of the timeis a Drennnan 890 and I have 3 of them (2 from ebay for spares) but only one has no repaired sections. I also have 2 Maver H41's (1 from ebay for spares) that hardly never see the light of day. I also have kept in reserve an old Shimano, a Milo and another Italian jobby in glass fibre that I picked up over there and is so heavy that it is a strain to hold it at 10 metres! It came with one solid flick tip and no spares. Won me a bit of money as no one else had a pole at all in the club I fished for at the time!

                When you find a piece of gear that suits you look after it and keep it until something COMPLETELY NEW that is a real improvement comes along. In my 55 years of angling that isn't very often by the way! Carbon replacing fibre Glass that replaced cane. Decent fixed spool reels that don't weigh a ton. Glass Poles and then Carbon poles. Decent landing net handles and bank sticks. Other than that restrict your purchases to replacing stuff and the parts that make a difference, hooks, floats and save your money to make sure that you have the best bait on the bank!


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                  I usually succumb to the temptation of a major new bit of kit when I'm feeling a bit depressed and sorry for myself.
                  Coming out of the shop, I feel cheered up no end.
                  Then the next day I wonder what the hell I've done.


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                    All shakespeare rods mine. 2 mach3 feeders. 1 with a pellet feeder and 1 with a link for a bomb/cage or feeder. 1 mach3 pellet wag and 1 superteam feeder for method.


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                      I have more rods than I know what to do with, but the rods I mainly use at the mo are my TriCast 8' wand, Drennan 10' Puddle Chucker and Middy Works 10'.
                      As winter arrives I'll dig out one of the Sigma Wands and my 12' Fox Duolite specialist, and leave the Middy at home.
                      I don't generally float fish, but if I do then it's either a Normark Power waggler or Microlite 12'.


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                        Drennan Zircon pole, (new purchase still getting used to it)

                        3 x Harrier whips

                        3 x Dave Harrell Splice tip float rods 13ft-15ft, although the 15ft sections never get used!

                        1 Drennan Matchpro quivertip 10/11ft bomb rod

                        1 Drennan Medium feeder 11ft6 - 13ft

                        1 Drennan Super feeder. 11ft6 - 13ft

                        All my feeder rods have cork handles that come out the section, so i can have two medium feeder rods setup for breaming, two quiver bomb rods, or two super feeder rods for commercial carp or big river fish. No need to buy 2 of each feeder rod as the handles come out, who's a clever bunny!
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                          god i ant got as many as you lot
                          maver messiah pole
                          tournament pro 12ft waggler
                          spectron m2 11-13ft feeder 'for long chucks
                          shimano catana 9-11ft used for short chucks at 9ft cheap rod but my favourate


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                            ive got a tricast 1500 legend for winter carping and a 11ft mach2 for pellet waggler sold everything else knowing ill never use them again


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                              rods i have set up are
                              Tournament Pro 10/11 ft feeder for straight lead and small feeder work - TDX 3012 reel
                              Tournament Pro 12/13 ft feeder for long range feeder work - shimano ultegra big pit reel
                              Shimano Beastmaster Commercial 9/11ft at 9ft for blyth winter league - shimano stradic
                              Shimano Beastmaster Commercial 9/11ft at 11ft for normal feeder work - shimano stradic
                              Normark Neo 11ft feeder for method work in windy conditions (carbon tips) - shimano stradic
                              Tournament 12ft waggler - TDX 2506
                              Tournament 13ft waggler - TDX 3012
                              Tournament Pro Pole with 25 Top Kits (for commercial and canal work)

                              I've just upgraded most of the rods from original preston rods don't change rods that often, new pole every 3 - 5 years
                              still got conn z range but thinking of selling them now I've got the touny rods
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