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double loop connection that attaches to crows foot or dacron

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  • double loop connection that attaches to crows foot or dacron

    is it better to use a double figure of 8
    will a double overhand loop be fine for this and am i being a tart

    i use sensas loop tyers for my hooklengh loops


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    Double overhand is fine Gav


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      I use a double overhand loop, works fine for me.
      If anyone needs to know about setting up the elastics or tying the loops in their rigs, check out my short film here: YouTube - Tying a Crow's Foot Elastic Connector
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        make sure you double over hand them cause they are particle to slip then you cant get the rig off the elastic without biting the line off


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          I always use a double figure of 8 and then the top one that you pull to undo the rig, I cut just to make sure it doesn't go over the pole top! Never had one of those slip.


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            if you use kryston snakeskin 25lb you can just use your loop tyer.
            the snakeskin has a coating on it so if you wiggle the single loop it comes off no problem.
            i've been doing this for around 6 months now and it works great.
            if it's good enough for alan scotthorne it's more than good enough for me!


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              ive not seen this with snakeskin, i know will raison does it diffrently but im not sure how he does it

              i would like to see both