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Fishing Tactics Tonight

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  • Fishing Tactics Tonight

    Hey All,

    I'm off sea fishing tonight with a local here in Morocco, i will be fishing off the rocks along the coast during night time with a mixed bottom mostly rock and some sand.

    They tend to use octopus and some weird animal you can get off the rocks at low tide that's like a urchin that passes out water when you touch it, though when you cut it open it has a lush red meat inside it.

    Does anybody have any tactics i could use tonight? the waves are forecast to be 1.5 metres and i will be using the same as everybody else that fishes here (10ft sea rod, weight and hook) that's it really!

    Beginner needs help as i don't seem to get much luck!
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    Don't sea fish myself, but good luck...
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      Best of luck, sounds exciting!!

      They may be sea squirts that you get off the rocks, or normal anemones.

      If you freshwater fish, then try a small hook (size 6 say) and a tiny piece of octopus or a raw prawn if you get hold of some. Whilst you may only hook small fish on them, I well remember my wife hooking what we assume was a large ray or shark off a jetty in Australia on a prawn and size 6 hook. It took 200 yards of line off the reel without stopping!!!


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        Maybe try using a lure/spinner mate,a lot of sea species will readily take these. Good luck ;-)
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        Alwight tweacle?


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          youll get a bite a chuck but not hit many used to do the same in malta the best way was to use a 18/20 hook a very small piece of shrimp and use a lightiest float like a 1/2g-3/4g float


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            Originally posted by waveneyone View Post

            They may be sea squirts that you get off the rocks, or normal anemones.

            They sound like it, I forget the proper name but I was encouraged to eat one once on holiday, the locals laped them up as they are full of iodine, alledged to make you a stallion in the bedroom. Without doubt the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten.

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              Prawns or shrimps fished on a 16 with a cocktail of tomato sauce, lemon,salt & pepper. feed buttered brown bread but avoid crusts, works best if your called Bernie. sorry could'nt resist John


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                Used octopus and found out the name of the sea squirting things lol apparently its a sea cucumber? red meat inside i ended up catching 2 fairly nice sized sea bream....

                All the fisherman here seem to catch just is sea bream here, good fish to eat but im interested in getting the larger things, there must be something better than sea bream going for a little game and fun.

                Not an easy way of fishing with 2m waves crashing up right in front of you haha....