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Are barbel to blame for the decline other fish?

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  • Are barbel to blame for the decline other fish?

    This may seem a bit of a punt, but it seems to me that every time barbel colonise a river, the other species take a nosedive. Take the Teme for instance. It used to produce ton up weights of Dace and chub in club matches, with many double figure bags as well, but not anymore. It's the same with the Severn and Warks Avon, and I presume many other rivers. Barbel aren't a native species to these rivers, and they hoover up vast quantities of the eggs of other fish. Don't get me wrong - they're great to catch, but what is the true cost of having them in our rivers?

    The Trent is possibly a different story - the hot water from the power stations supported an eco-system unique in the UK and it was literally crawling with life - supporting all species. Now that's gone so have the silver fish (and I don't believe the cormorants are entirely responsible).

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    i personally think we have cleaned up the rivers so much. All the crap that used to be in them has gone and so have the fish with it.The hampshire avon has allways been clean hence it still has a head of coarse fish nothing has changed there
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      That doesn't explain the Teme though - that's always been as clean as the Hampshire Avon - it's an SSSI for it's whole course.


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        I personally cant believe that removing pollution from a water course can drive away any wild life let alone fish i remember back in the sixties peter drennan saying that barbel would be the end of the river Severn not sure though as for the Trent barbel are indigenous to any river flowing east as everybody knows we were once joined to Europe and cormorants dont think any bird as ever eaten all fishes from a river the only blame for any species becoming extict is man but where have siverfish gone i just dont know
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          fished the tidal trent on sat and it is solid with tiny roach and chublets if these fish survive for 4 years it will be solid again and there is still plenty of barbel about so i think it has to do with water clarity most predators (fish or birds) feed by sight so clearer water means fish stay still waiting for darkness. fish the trent over night on a maggot and you will catch silvers all night but the dont always show during daylight
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            I blame the crayfish in my local rivers/canals! They are INFESTED with them!