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Where shall I fish????

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  • Where shall I fish????

    Right a mate of mine has just been round and gave me 1/2 kilo of worm and 2 pints of caster to use in the week as he didnt use them on his match... Where should I go and use them??? What commercials are fishing well as I aint fished one for ages... How are the canals fishing???? I thought about going to Larford or Woodland View or Tunnel Barn or Cudmore or maybe even Boldings anyone fished any of these the last week or so... If not where else is fishing well in the midlands area... Come on folks help me out here
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    i was at tunnel barn yesterday,cold weather seems to have slowed it down


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      I was at Larford yesterday, fished the Match lake as the classic qualifier was on the speci. Caught all day long using pole, waggler and feeder. The small carp were feeding like mad and despite the cold wether.

      Haven’t been to Woodlands for a few months so not to sure.

      Boldings is fishing very well as usual. As you want mid week fishing thenv I know they have opens on Wednesday and Thursday (morning draws, not to sure on times as I think they’ve come forward) if you fancied it.

      All the best.


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        i been to larford its ok if you fish long pole choppy and caster
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