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Pole Floats

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  • Pole Floats

    I am not sure what size of pole floats to buy for general maggot, caster, pinkie fishing. There are quite alot on E-bay most of them just say how much weight they require. I know the hook size I will be using i.e 22 through to 18, and 3lb to 1.1lb bottoms, but I am not sure on the sizes. Any help would be really helpful....thanks again David.

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    Pole floats catch more anglers than they do fish, it all depends what venue you are fishing. i.e. stillwater, river or canal, what are the depths, flow or tow, what species you are after carp, silvers or mix.

    Has you can see a lot of factors go into what weight, shape and material the float is going to be made of. I personally mainly fish carp puddles with some river and drain matches, so i normaly carry 3 types of floats in various sizes.

    In my shed i must have over 200 floats that don't see the light of day.
    Steve Davies


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      I will mainly be fishing still waters with a depth of between 4' and 6'. Roach, Perch, skimmer Bream etc, just after a general guide really...thanks for the reply.


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        4-6 foot on still water you will want a float that has a thin bristle and not to much shot so a light float.

        that is if you want the bait to fall slowly or a bulkier float if you want to get the hook down quick but not to big other wise when the fish bite they will feel the resistance and let go instantly.
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