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One to forget

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  • One to forget

    What a day......
    Got told about an open match at Ranskill (Notts) in pub Sunday night. Didn't think I would get Wednesday (today) off at short notice but managed to wangle it. Been looking forward to match since, didn't sleep that well last night cos had that lucky feeling again ! (might work for me one day).

    Gets to the draw only to see Jamie Masson mingling with the turnout... oh heck I thought... looks like I'm fishing for second place

    Drew the peg next to JM which happened to be either site of an acute corner so we were more or less facing each other. I probably should've been pleased to be able to watch a pro at work but instead I put myself under pressure....
    oooerr.. what will he think of my feeding ? too much/not enough/wrong spot, what about my plumbing up technique... & choice of swims - too close/not far enough out... as if he was bothered what I did.
    My peg had a cracking right side margin (reeds/ overhanging bush etc) but I couldn't see a thing, the sun was blinding from above & reflecting on the water & I had a steep high bank behind me that made feeding straight out very VERY awkward
    I could hear most people were struggling including JM although the few fish he did get were all big un's... Me ? not a bite til half one then got a 8oz skimmer (I could've kissed it), then got two more tiny roach before time was shouted... neither me nor the bloke on my other side weighed in & I know we weren't the only two - think JM won with 50lb ish.

    So all round a bad day fishing for me.............better than work though
    Last edited by Paulscatt; 1 November 2007, 06:07 PM.

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    Did u have a hook on?


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      knew there was something not right
      Last edited by Paulscatt; 1 November 2007, 06:08 PM.


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        Thought I'd better publicly apologise for my abreviated bad language in this thread .
        Reading it today I see there was no need, & I wouldn't want to be a bad influence on any younger readers.

        Both posts edited to modify your ''colourful'' language Paulscatt
        Last edited by Paulscatt; 1 November 2007, 06:11 PM.