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Angling times Winter league semi's?

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  • Angling times Winter league semi's?

    Any one seen them......i'm quite happy about them

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    no how do i get to see them


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      you have to ask a league secretary.......nicely.


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        ok please


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          Southern Semi's

          1st March 2008...Monk Lakes, Kent.
          2nd March 2008..Kennet and Avon Canal.

          Northern Semi's

          8th March 2008 Browning Cudmore
          9th March 2008 Walsall Canal, Tipton. HanKat AS waters...


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            [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][I][COLOR="pink"]Team Teepot Match Group[/COLOR][/I][/SIZE][/FONT]


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              glad ken wades kept someone happy then !


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                Originally posted by richie
                glad ken wades kept someone happy then !
                He has a very very difficult job.

                He gets moaned at for people having to travel, fishing is crap,etc etc etc...he cant win.


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                  got nothing but praise 4 most match organizers but when year after year you have to travel over 150 miles you start to get a bit brassed off . ones on your doorstep n the others 40 miles away , so you'll be happy, just dont get it . why not split them up so that if you aint got a chance against the local lads then you go to the nearer semi .lets be right , dont mind coming last but when you do 150 miles plus, it wears a bit thin


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                    I can understand people being a bit fed up but did any one actually put a venue forward from the North west/East. It's very easily to shout about it and blame Ken but if no one actually offers to organise the semi venues then Ken doesn't really have an option. Putting a few suggestions on an internet forum does not constitute putting a venue forward.

                    When i put my venue forward i sent details of a pub for the draw, dates, maps, results sheets from the previous two years matchs after christmas, practice match details, pee fees...etc etc etc.


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                      its almost a shame you wont be fishing it mr woodhouse , at least you will be able to walk without leaving your tackle
                      I want an end peg


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                        Originally posted by jay411
                        its almost a shame you wont be fishing it mr woodhouse , at least you will be able to walk without leaving your tackle

                        Like it mate.


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                          Sorry pal sometimes i just cant help myself great match though ( for most )
                          I want an end peg


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                            No ones shouting about anything but the facts. Contrary to your beliefs, a number of venues were nominated from other areas and emails were sent with match results ect..... every week. One of the most respected match organisers in the country were prepared to run the northern semi so the right channels were taken.
                            Thie isn't the point I was making, the fact is that both northern semis are within 35 miles of each other when they could of been spread about. We haven't even started out winter league campaign and I know we'll struggle for a team should we make the semis. It is of little wonder that if the likes of a highly sponsored team like Essex can shut up shop, then what chance have smaller non sponsored teams got when they are expected to fly about all over the country again and again and again.


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                              I dont know where you get your info from but i heard from a very good source that only 4 venues were put forward for the Northern semi's.

                              obviously the two that were selected.

                              3. A canal in lincolnshire that withdrew its application.

                              4. A north east river.

                              Its not just you in this boat, our semi's are 106 miles to the K & A canal and 170 miles to Monk lakes.

                              If Sensas North West finish 2nd in the Warkshire division then they will have a round trip of over 500 miles.

                              Most are based in Bolton and the semi will be in maidstone Kent.
                              Last edited by woodhouse; 7 November 2007, 09:42 PM.