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    As some of you know I drive a bus in Bristol.I am looking for advice on how to put to together a small club of anglers from our depot.I have had some interest from fellow workmates but don,t know where to start.Is there anyone who is willing to help me get this started with advice on here please.


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    new club

    hi ray you need to get some posters up at work and your local pub to get interest then call a meeting to find out wot fishing they like rivers canals carp then start booking club have 12 matchs a year so we can still fish open matchs ,my club members pay up front for all the venues so you or the new club is not loseing money when members dont turn up .to raise money for the club you could start taking a blackout round at work thats wot we do .hope this helps let me no how u get on good luck its hard work
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      Hi Sumo

      Thanks for the advice.......I can,t see it being a very serious club but you never know there might be a couple who are good enough to put a team together and fish some of the local leagues.At the moment there are 7 of us interested so far, not enough for a proper match yet.Poster has only been up 2 days.The trouble is I don,t know anything about the way they fish or much about them.I thought about having a little league to see what quality of anglers I have.Also do you happen to know the formula for working out the winnings.



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        Oh yeah.....whats a blackout round please


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          Originally posted by Ray123 View Post
          Oh yeah.....whats a blackout round please
          hi ray a blackout is wot we call it.its a card with football teams on it you take round work fill it .half to the winner half to the club


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            ray contact jeff parker amalgamation ltd i think used to be the bristol amalgamation any tackle shop will give you his number. also ask for andy smiths he runs the 6 aside league and im sure they,l let you put a team in . its the acl league i think. come on you bristol/bath boys help me out with some numbers for ray.


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              sorry ray. speak to jeff parker he may let you affiliate your club within the amalgamation you never know


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                ok thank you for the info.
                Will it also help us with places to fish as obviously we don,t have anywhere at the moment.


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                  ray e mail me [email protected] i will give you some help with venues and also inter club matches if you have enough anglers. there are several clubs that would welcome you and your new club


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                    ray i spoke to the secretary of my local club and he said if you want a visit / inter club match on there waters you need to get your finger out as next years tab will be finalised soon.


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                      Hi Ian,

                      Thanks for all your help on this.Will send you email now