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  • Ambitions

    Here's an opportunity for you to share your ambitions and goals in match fishing.

    What level do you want to reach, is there a title or competition you'd like to do well in, or even just a species or net you've yet to catch?

    To get the ball rolling I'll start.

    I want to get to international level, plain and simple. Gota set those targets high or they are too easily achieved

    How seriously do you all take your fishing? Is it just a bit of fun? Banter and a day out? Are you a serious clubby or do you have lofty goals?


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    Dave, nice topic...

    I used to aspire to greatness - then got sidetracked by getting married and having a child! Its a killer - suppose I have got to wait at least 10 years now to get my angling career back on track!

    These days I tend to limit my ambitions to winning the Fishomania and winning a festival in Ireland each year!

    Biggest win to date was the Guiness Classic in Enniskillen which had 425 anglers in it.

    As for team fishing I have fished with the best - now it is limited to me fishing for teams where you dont have to commit to too much... i.e. dont have to go to meetings every week and fish three times a week as I just cant do it with a young family (unless I want a divorce)..

    Good luck with your progression to stardom!
    Simon Young
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      Still trying to get my first ton , even after three visits to rolfs


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        My aim/goal with fishing is to enjoy myself every time

        and to add a few more names to the Minxed Club
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            hopefully being achieved very very soon........ohhh and some one buy his clio i am actually looking to see if its gone as soon as i turn on puter
            In darkness we do what we can
            In daylight we're oblivion


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              So go on then Larry, what is this ambition that you are about to achieve


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                I can say I am happy with my lot as regards fishing. I can only get out now and again unless booking holidays from work and finding local matches is a problem. So when I do get into a match I tend to enjoy it, come what may.

                I do ok and pick a fair share of brown envelopes along the way, mainly sections but who cares, it helps cover the costs.

                My ambition is still to win the Jinx series, something I have been trying for since its inception. Next year,hopefully.

                I have a letter from Mother exempting me from joining the Minx club so that is sorted.
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                  have to sit on my hands a little longer.............but i truly hope it comes off..there can be only one
                  In darkness we do what we can
                  In daylight we're oblivion