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  • groundbait?

    Any one got experience on fishing deep(bloody deep) water, this place is deep as a top five on a daiwa!! may be out of my depth here. plenty of skimmers in the place and a few carp.Need a groundbait mix as i have no experience of this type of fishing.leem?what type,sticky bait or loose feed. can have a couple of trips to play with different stuff.any input lads?

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    Try Van Den Eynde World Champion, its very sticky so will hold together and skimmers love it. If you want it to break down as soon as it hits bottom (called opening by the top boys) because the bottom isn't flat, add some damp leam. You'll need to experiment at home to see the proportions and time how long it takes to open.
    If you prefer to use Sensas or Dynamite, use one of the river mixes, they are designed to hold together to get down before they open.
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      If you do decide to add damp leam then mix your groundbait as normal, leave for 20 minutes, riddle it....only now should leam be added, the best way is to riddle in a bit at a time giving it a good whisk round between adding it.

      Never add water after you have added the leam.


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        Smallangler i used to fish a venue near wolverhampton called patshull park it is a silver fish venue were the main target was large skimmers, it was fished with the slider and pinky in small balls of groundbait. It is upto 26 ft deep in places so the groundbait had to be just right to get it to the bottem in one piece but then break up once there. For this i used VDE turbo black (the continental 2 kilo bag) and VDE secret mixed the night befor and then riddled again on the bank. I won a fair few matches on this venue once i had got the ratio's right so its not a bad mix for deep lakes or fast rivers.
        Steve Davies


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          Good boy steve,you can have a house point and be the milk monitor next week!! will give it a go over the xmas hols as the match aint till the end of the month.many thanks to you all.


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            i regularly fish pegs 12-18ft on pole over ere on river. I normally use secret, supercup and pv1


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              i fish deep rivers approx 16 to 22ft on the pole i use mossella xedion roach which is a sticky mix with xdion bream i also add damp leam skimmers love this mix but you will need to experment with g baits to find what suits you all the best


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                world champion n secret go well together . use it in ireland on the shannon n thats over 30 ft deep . maybe need leam 2 break it up quick