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Sitting it out....however bad it gets

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  • Sitting it out....however bad it gets

    Was in a match Saturday.... once the ice started to shift !
    Anyway, out of 9 anglers & with 3 minutes to go only three had caught. I hadn't had a bite & had already started putting stuff away just leaving one rod set up & in the water (bomb & sweetcorn).
    Then I spotted the welcomed sight of a wiggle at the tip, picked up the rod & reeled in a 2lb 3oz skimmer for 3rd place ! ... just shows it ain't over till the large lady sings as they say.
    I have only ever packed up early once & that wasn't because of the lack of bites/fish or because of the cold, quite the opposite. It was a blazing hot day, sun on my back, headache from dehydrating & no drink.
    We do have a regular early leaver though, if he's not catching, in fact he gets stick at the draw every week now, i.e. what time you off today then ?... can't print his response .. this is a family site !

    I take it this is a site of die-hards though, however tough a day it is ?

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    nice 1 Ian, think thats what keeps us going. You just never know!


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      i was same sat mate , not a bite till 2pm then had a carp on one very very cold day
      even went back for more on the sun same place diff match , still darn cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      a turkey and a bottle of smirnoff better off


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        i fish match's all over the place, i never give up till the large lady sings this year has been a bad one for me lot of the place's i fish,, i have never fished before so it makes it harder to do well.. you just got to keep plugging away at it that's what keeps us going mate and You just never know what you are going to catch that why i love fishing so much.....


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          i have fished a few matches now never have given up but there again i have never one one
          think i go to give money away and hopefully get some fishing tip for it

          hay art i know what you are going to catch this year and it isn't fish its that bar lady to get my drink in cuz you have lost to me again
          [CENTER][/CENTER][SIZE="4"]The carrot is out there:eek: wiltshire mafia:eek: [/SIZE]